Mandatory Information August 2005

Bucky Lasek and Washington D.C.’s Darren Harper are the two new team riders on Element. After repping their gear in high-profile contests and in his latest video part, Ronnie Creager is officially on etnies, and Mike Crum is on Power Footwear. Justin Strubing’s unmatched talent has found a home at Popwar. Terry Kennedy is back where he started with Baker, and he’s also on KR3W, as well. Anthony Pappalardo is off Alien Workshop with no new board sponsor at this time. Daniel Shimizu, Clint Peterson, and Austin Stephens are the latest activists at We clothing. LRG made some moves and put Alex Carolino, Kelly Hart, and Rodrigo Petersen in their clothes. Chris Cole switched to Thunder Trucks with the quickness. Mike McDermott is on Vancouver, Canada’s Village Green. Pat Duffy has signed deals with World Industries and Utopia Optics. Kurtis Colamonico is now am on World Industries, while Enrique Lorenzo is no longer aboard. You can stop guessing, because Zered Basset is the secret new DVS rider. Tony Manfre left enjoi, and teammate Sean Payne similarly said, “Aloha,” and moved back to Hawai’i.

Jesse Paez and Consolidated have split once again, while Emeric Pratt is now on the roster. After a banging part in their new video, Sammy Baptista is a well-deserved pro for Shorty’s. Jack Sabback is dressing in Earth Clothing, and while still only amateur, James Brockman has his own signature jean coming out from Mada. Yes, it will be black and tight.

The smooth and stylish Kenna Gallagher, who you may have seen in the Villa Villa Cola video, is now riding Creation Skateboards and Satori wheels. Lucian Moon’s Yellow skateboards has decks out now through High Grade Distribution with John Buchanan as its premiere pro.

Industry stalwart 88 Footwear has dissolved and is no longer with its former distributor. Its teamriders, key players, and honcho Ed Dominick have an uncertain future, but rest assured we haven’t seen the last of this motley crew.

Our very own photography wizard Oliver Barton was the recipient of some thug love that is all too common in his residence of Barcelona. A friend found him late at night in a gutter, relieved of his wallet, phone, iPod, and consciousness. It may be a skate oasis, but watch your back at all times when in Barca.

With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kinda hard being a skateboarder. Chris Ortiz, Ricky Bedenbaugh, and Stacey Lowery were jacked at gunpoint in good old Long Beach while trying to get some work done. The pistolera made off with Ricky’s VX, 16mm camera, and some of Chris’ photo gear. Harsh.

TransWorld SKATEboarding recently won the coveted Henry R. Luce Award in the category of Cover Of The Year for Seu Trinh’s August 2004 cover shot of Rodney Mullen’s colorful Primoslide on water.

Mikendo (a.ka. Mike Stanfield) dropped his new vid Filmbot Files. It should be on shelves now, or you can go to and purchase it there. After some serious filming, Adio has a new DVD, and they’re putting it out for free. It’ll hit shelves in June and will also be available at

Brian Brannon of the legendary punk/skate band JFA is working in marketing for The Firm and Fury Trucks.

Back in March, Spike Jonze, Rick Howard, Ty Evans, Aaron Meza, Mike Carroll, and Scott Johnston visited the 826LA space in Venice to conduct a workshop on skate video production. The students came with written premeditated skate video concepts, which they then shot and edited with help from Spike and the boys. After filming some skating, interviews, and general goofing around, Ty loaded the footage into his computer, and with the students’ input, edited the day’s highlights into a music video set to a Shins song.

Got a hot zine in the works? Tokion Magazine is having a King of Zine Contest. Winning zines will be selected by this panel of distinguished judges: Kevin Lyons, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Deanne Cheuk, Ed Templeton, Eva Prinz of Rizzoli Books, REAS, Carlo McCormicck, Sarah from Colette, Adrian Tomine, and KAWS. First prize is one year of health insurance, and your zine will get reprinted through Tokion. Second prize is 500 dollars. For the official rules and regulations of the King of Zine contest, go to or to The deadline is July 1, 2005.

The joyride for millionaires known as the Gumball Rally is underway once again. More and more skate-industry heads are getting involved each year and racing alongside CEOs and venture capitalists of the real world. This time around DC’s Rob Dyrdek, Big Black, Ken Block, and Damon Way had custom-tuned Subaru WRXs shipped to Europe, and Flip’s Jeremy Fox is also racing in an exotic car of his choice.

On the night of April 9, Mike Green, aka Blacc Mike as he was known to his friends, fell victim to a pointless shooting in Long Beach, California. There was a skate jam held at Cherry Park to raise money for his family and to skate in his honor. The city of Long Beach came out in full force, raising over 2,300 dollars in only a matter of hours. It also brought together tons of people from the surrounding cities to donate money and pay their respects. Skateboarders such as Rob Gonzales, Scott Kane, Danny Montoya, Steffan Attardo, Kelly Hart, Tony Tave, Stacey Lowery, Tony Silva, Matt Allen, and more came out to celebrate Mike’s life. Special thanks to Listen, LRG, Element, C1RCA, and Shorty’s for donating product to auction and raffle off.

Overheard by Nate Sherwood:

“Let’s go to T-Mobile right now. I need a new number and a new sidekick.”-Brandon Biebel after filmer Chris Ray told him Nate had his number.

“I never answer your calls because I know I’ll get the most amazing ten-minute voice-mail rap.”-PJ Ladd telling Nate why he can never get him on the phone.

“Nate, getting you a paycheck every month is out of the question. Per Welinder wanted to axe this shit months ago.”-Jeremy Klein.

“I never seen a live one go down, man.”-Josh Kalis talking about wanting to go see Ryan Smith hitting a 21-plus-stair rail.

“Nate, no janitor is gonna f-k with some dudes like us in a murdered-out U.A.V. Tahoe.”-Rob Dyrdek cooling Nate down when he was stressing on a rent-a-cop/janitor at a schoolyard.

“You know, the next time you guys are out shooting with all this expensive equipment, give me a call and I’ll do a drive-by.”-A Long Beach cop to Chris Ortiz after he and Ricky Bedenbaugh got robbed.

“I thought the dude would be a Nater hater for sure, but he was hella nice.”-Nate Sherwood about Josh Kalis when Josh paid for Nate’s lunch and gave Nate a hip-hop hug.

“I look over at the skatepark, and I see thirteen-year-old kids smoking crack, and I get depressed.”-Russ Pope about his view of the Oceanside Skatepark from DuFFS’ new headquarters.

“You think you got it rough-I’m braking in a new set of trucks and a new knee today. I have a double whammy.”-Danny Way to Nate after Nate was complaining about new trucks.

“Nate, welcome to the capital city of porn. Sure you don’t want to drop off a few demo reels before we go skate?”-Scuba Steve to Nate as they were driving through the San Fernando Valley.

“I was pretty good at one point. When things were an inch high, I was pretty good.”-Tim Gavin on the Tim And Henry’s Pack of Lies days.