Mandatory Information – Feb. 2005

Almost brought fun back to video premieres! Round 3 premiered in Hollywood, California at the Avalon, which is a huge and super nice theater-type place. The VIP lounge was adorned with plush couches and bars everywhere with free drinks all night.

The video was bonkers. When you think about the kind of stuff that Chris Haslam, Rodney Mullen, and Daewon Song do and put them all in the same video-it’s going to be gnarly. Haslam has the opener, and Daewon has the closer. The talk of the night was which of these guys had the best part. The crazy thing is Daewon’s been putting out these video parts for fourteen years now. No one can do what he does, yet he manages to one-up himself every time he puts out a part. It’s a must-see.

Within the first couple of hours of arriving in what’s become a skateboarder’s paradise, TransWorld filmer Jason Hernandez dislocated his elbow and fractured a bone in his arm on a bet with Stefan Janoski. After Stefan cleared the bump over the bar with two switch heelflips at the wavy concrete location in Barcelona, Stefan bet Jason 50 euros that he couldn’t ollie it within five tries. After try number 25 and coming close on several attempts, Jason realized he hadn’t done any flyaways. Unfortunately, it was on his next try that Jason flew out, landed hard on his arm, and had to make a visit to the hospital. With no Spanish skills, Jason went to the hospital where the X-ray tech threw his leg in Jason’s armpit while he was laying face down to pop the elbow back in place. Since he’s returned to the States, Jason’s arm is still healing and with limited arm movement, he can continue to hold the camera to film skaters.

On Saturday, November 13, 2004, the Vans Milpitas Skatepark, just outside of San Jose, California, had to close its doors for the last time. The park opened in late 2000 and featured a Winchester washboard replica, a killer clam-shell bowl, a good mini ramp, and fun street course. It’s always a bummer to see a park close, but maybe its demise was due to the opening of numerous public parks in the San Jose area-so along with one bad thing, many good things have already happened.

TransWorld European photo correspondent Oliver Barton missed his flight to China to meet filmer Anthony Claravaal and a squad of skaters for a skate mission in the Far East. Ollie lost his passport somewhere in London and wasn’t able to get on the China-bound flight. Much to Anthony’s surprise when he went to the airport to pick Ollie up, Ollie wasn’t anywhere to be found. Of course, Anthony thought the worst, but Ollie was able to replace his passport and got himself to the foreign land within the next couple of days. The skate trip with Dan Murphy, Ryan Bobier, Jeremy Wray, and Florentin Marfaing continued when Ollie arrived. Travel tip: Don’t lose your passport and miss an international flight. They won’t refund your ticket, and a new flight will cost you a small fortune on short notice.

Recently Nate Sherwood applied for employment at Jamie Thomas’ Black Box Distribution and displayed the application on On his application it said he’d play a game of SKATE with Chief for the position, and when Nate went to Black Box to meet up with photographer Ryan Lusteg, he met face to face with Jamie. “F-k, yeah, I was nervous,” Nate said, caught off guard by Jamie Thomas saying, “I’m ready.” Mr. Thomas took three out of the four games, but Nate was unequipped and was stuck using Jamie’s board for the battle. Production came to a standstill at Black Box while all the employees had gathered to watch the duel. Another challenge has been set for the future of Nate’s employment, and this time Nate won’t have any excuses using his own board.

Toy Machine’s Good And Evil premiered at the House Of Blues in Anaheim. Close to 1,500 people watched in awe when Ed Templeton, Billy Marks, Diego Bucchieri, Austin Stephens, Josh Harmony, Johnny Layton, and recently added am rider Matt Bennett destroyed evverything from Barcelona to Southern California. Toy Machine has elevated Josh Harmony to pro status after this stellar part. Maybe this video should be on your wish list.

The world’s biggest skateboard has finally been accepted into the Guinness Book Of World Records! Maybe you’ve seen Foundation’s 1997 Duty Now For The Future? Maybe not. Maybe it’s time to include a new video to the collection. There’s hilarious footage with some Foundation riders cruising the board around. The qualifications and details for record attempts are very exact and specific, so Foundation’s Tod Swank is now a very proud World Record holder. Check out for the actual certificate, sizes, video clips, photos, and more.

On the subject of Tum Yeto, Foundation’s Matt Allen and Pig Wood’s Charlie Castaluzzo have been added to Mada clothing. Dekline put Birdhouse ripper Matt Ball on the shoe program, and Shuriken Shannon slips Osiris shoes on his feet.

Gershon Mosley and Globe shoes have parted ways, ending a longtime sponsorship. Gershon and the rest of the INC team finsished a promo DVD 5 Days In The Desert from an Arizona road trip.

Darkstar skateboards is proud to officially welcome Pierre Luc Gagnon to its team and at the same time has said good-bye to Windsor James.

Krux has just added ams Silas Baxter Neal, Tommy Sandoval, and Tony Montgomery. Silas has recently joined the Habitat squad. Jereme Rogers is now rolling with Modern wheels. Grant Patterson and Aussie Jake Duncombe are the newest ams on Blind. Jim Gagne has officially taken the reins as team manager and rider for NSS joining Benji Galloway, Josh Sandoval, Buster Halterman, Donovan Dresti, and Chris Cudlip. Roberto Alema§, Jub, and Seth McCallum have been elevated to pro status with the release of Consolidated’s new video Behold.

It looks like Terry Kennedy has hung up his Vans and joined Pharrel’s (or N.E.R.D.) Ice Cream shoes-a Reebok offshoot. Lenny Rivas has taken off his C1RCA’s and put on some Reebok’s-joining Stevie Williams on the team.

Real’s Darrell Stanton has made the jump from Vans to DC shoes.

Cale Nuske and Justin Eldridge represent à‡S Apparel exclusively. Speaking of à‡S, the company has major plans for expanding its ever popular Game Of S.K.A.T.E. For 2005, it will start an amateur series and will expand The Game to 30 competitions beginning at Fast Forward in Arizona and Atlanta in January 2005. To see if The Game is coming to your town, check out the schedule at

Tony Tave has added FKD bearings to his sponsor list. Hellrose has enlisted Thomas Bonilla, Paul Otvos, and Jarred Saba to its am roster.

The legendary company of Powell Perarlta is going to make a comeback. George Powell and Stacy Peralta are going to be releasing a few select Powell Peralta products in January 2005. Collectors will most certainly be combing eBay for some of these gems.