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Tommy Sandoval is now cruising spot to spot in a limousine. No, he’s not yet a celebrity, and there’s no chauffeur involved either. Tommy just decided to buy a limo as his daily driver. What with James Brockman running the Crown Vic cop car with full battering-ram push bar and Jon Allie’s restored Nova fetish, perhaps Tommy wanted to fit in with his teammates’ eclectic vehicle purchases.

You can start calling Danny Supa Mr. Sound Agent, since he’s the new dude on Stereo. Fellow Sound Agent Clint Peterson is now on Autobahn and just finished his mini ramp in his downtown L.A. loft. No, we’re not giving you the address. Pat Rakestraw has traded in his Nikes for DuFFS. Dan Drehobl is on Vox. Nyjah Huston got the business talk from Dyrdek and now rides Silver trucks. Emmanuel Guzman is the latest firerider-he’s on Spitfire. Tony Alva has a signature watch coming out on Vestal. The revamped Grind King Truck team is Jeron Wilson, Joey Brezinski, Quim Cardona, Willy Santos, Adrian Williams, Nigel Alexander, and Chris Gregson. Everyone’s favorite sixteen year old who drinks and talks like a seasoned vet, Jake Duncombe, has inked a deal with Globe. à‡S has a new team manager to crack the whip on its new video-it’s Jay Maldonado.

Lucian Moon’s Yellow Brand Skateboards has scooped up the Dirty South’s own Ryan Nix to join John Buchanan as the pro team, and Brian Downey as its new am. If you check out, you can find anti-Bush Web site links alongside footy clips from the team.

Satori is working on its tour video Mapping Time In Space, featuring the entire team as they tour around the world. Puerto Rican ripper Robert Lopez Mont logged enough footage to have his own part. It’ll drop by Thanksgiving 2005.

Arguably the most underrated skater ever, Matt Rodriguez (have you seen the new IPath promo? Jesus!), is launching a board company called Uprize with decks featuring bamboo veneers. Check for the full team roster. Speaking of the new IPath promo, you can get your hands on it shrink-wrapped in Rasa Libre boards.

adidas purchased Reebok for 3.8-billion dollars. Are Gonz and Stevie finally on the same team? Can we get an ad with those two sharing a good old hip-hop hug?

Justin Eldridge and Devine Calloway officially have Chocolate boards with their names on them. The much-anticipated Lakai video is nearing completion, and rumors are flying wildly. Two MJ parts? A secret part and signature shoe from you know who? Does it just seem weird? We know it sounds good.

Was it the Vegas heat or just an uncontrollable urge to add to his collection when Ragdoll tried to steal a 30,000-dollar guitar signed by The Who off the wall of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino? Nevada state laws are sketchy-hope you’re not locked up, Rags.

Down with Consolidated since day one, Alan Petersen has hung up his professional status on the stuntwood. He’s packing his bags and moving to Australia for an eternity of amazing, hassle-free cement parks-not a bad retirement plan. Thanks for the wonderful ride, AP!

And from across the pond, William Phan has joined his homeys Flo Marfaing and Alex Carolino on Santa Cruz and Aeon footwear. Fellow Santa Cruzer Lee Smith has taken up permanent residence in Barcelona. Aeon and Four Wheels rider Baptiste Myzor is now on Alien Workshop Europe. L.A.’s Hot Rod skate shop is working on opening Hot Rod Monte Carlo smack dab in the most exclusive part of the French Riviera. The Hot Rod Nice store will be open by the time you read this with Jeremie Daclin, Al Boglio (Clichà‡ TM), and Mackenzie Eisenhour board collections hung in its art gallery. Boglio also rides for Jeff Pang’s chic UXA clothing company, which has UXA/Clichà‡ collaboration jackets out now. Clichà‡ is also doing some nice collaboration T-shirts with Huf.

Quickly becoming the hot contest for ams to win actual cash money, Zoo York’s AM Getting Paid will go down September 24 and 25, up in Montreal, Canada with aa total prize purse of 12,000 U.S. dollars. That same weekend, if you happen to be on the West Coast, check out the seventh annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest.

Check for more info.

As if these guys needed any more perks to their jobs, DVS is doing a series of photographer shoes for Mike O’Meally, Giovanni Reda, Gabe Morford, Atiba Jefferson, and Ben Colen. These guys got to customize a pair of DVS sneaks and the shoebox. O’Meally’s Dill box is pretty tight.

A belated congrats to Scott Johnston and Diego Bucchierri is due. Both wed their respective sweethearts over the summer. Don’t sweat the late announcement, boys. After all, love is eternal.

Overheard By Nate Sherwood:

“If you ever see me rocking a sport coat with silk-screen shit on it, shoot me.”-Eric Stricker

“Say the word ‘fish’ in place of every ‘bitch’ when you sing a Too

Short song, and you’ll just crack up-like, ‘I had a lot of fishes down for me.'”-Mike York

“I had a fedora before it was a huge trend.”-Jason Hernandez defending his fedora after Nate called him a scenester at Star Shoes

“Next time some bastard thinks I’m a cheapskate, tell him about tonight.”-Willy Santos at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse after a 250-dollar dinner to celebrate Nate’s new board launch

“Switch-stance skating is overrated. It’s like a deer that got shot in the woods looking for some Gatorade.”-Brian Lotti watching a current skate video

“You know how much kids love the word ‘extreme.’ It makes it sound as if when you join the army, you get a skateboard.”-Steven Colbert on CNN’s Crossfire commenting on the government’s inability to recruit for the war and the switch from the motto “War On Terror” to “The Struggle Against Extremism”

“Get up at six a.m. every day, drink a bottle of Tabasco sauce, jump in the ocean and swim four miles. Then we’ll ride bikes for another nine miles or so, and after about two months of that you’ll be in shape and ready for anything.”-Lee Dupont giving Nate tips on how to lose his gut

“Hmm, a movie about three white kids skateboarding-sounds interesting.”-Clyde Singleton after seeing a Lords Of Dogtown poster

“Yeah, Tommy here bought a limo, but for some reason doesn’t think it’s important to get medical insurance.”-Jamie Thomas telling Nate about Tommy Sandoval’s use of money

“Moses wants you to bust a p-flip combo of some sort and then do a beer bong for the RDS video. You down?”-DC filmer Sean Rogers


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