Manny Mania 2011 World Am Finals Video

Thirty-one skaters from all over the world came to NYC for the finals of the Manny Mania Am and it was Sewa Kroetkov (you may have seen him in this Blind Sunday Funday) who came out on top and got bumped up to a spot in the pro contest. Check out the manny craze from the Am World finals and stay tuned for footage from the pro finals.

1. Sewa Kroetkov, Netherlands
2. Francesco Marconato, Italy
3. Mads Christensen, Denmark
4. Sebastian "Sebo" Walker, USA
5. Manuel Etchegoyen, France
6. Marten Rapp, Sweden
7. Robert Kocjan, Slovenia
8. Dmitrii Rodionov, Russia
9. Gonzalo Saravia, Argentina
10. Luis Guillermo Vascones, Peru

Filmed and edited by James Buchmann