Event Summary: Saturday, March 19, 2011 7-10pm

Marc McKee is one of the most important artists to have been involved in skateboarding over the past 20 years. His early work for World Industries, Blind, 101, etc… and tenure as Editor at Big Brother Magazine up until the publication was sold to Flynt not only shaped an entire generation’s artistic sensibilities—switching skateboarding from skulls and daggers to irreverent cartoon imagery, it also added a deeper level of social consciousness to a pastime outgrowing it’s surf culture roots throughout the early ’90s. His new book (co-produced by enjoi’s Winston Tseng), Seen/Unknown: The Art of Marc McKee was released this past Saturday accompanied by an exhibit of nearly all his most iconic boards and their original artwork at the HVW8 Art & Design Gallery on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. I rolled out Friday to check the setup and the night of to get a copy of the book. Here are some photos. —Mackenzie Eisenhour

(Seen/Unknown Exhibit runs until April 10 at HVW8 Gallery on Melrose Ave., Los Angeles.)