Marquise Henry Web Exclusive Interview

Photos by Dave Chami. Words by Blair Alley.

Marquise Henry just dropped a pretty spectacular video part online (and at the Saloon) as part of DC’s Skateboarding Is Forever am video project. It’s getting rave reviews so we caught up with DC’s hottest am to see how he felt about his part, and what’s next on his filming agenda.


Backside nosegrind, nollie varial heelflip out.

How does it feel to have this part done and out on the internet?

It's a big burden off my shoulders. I was anxious to get everything together. Watching the final product, I was hyped. This is my first part. I had the Alien Workshop bonus part, but this is my actual first part for a company.

How long did you film for this part?

Six or seven months.

That's it?

I'm not sure, it wasn't like a whole year.


Switch varial heelflip.

How'd you end up being the first of the DC ams to get his part out?marquiseport

I just had more footage than the rest of the guys, and they just put me first [laughs].

Who are you looking forward to with the rest of the guys' parts?

I'd have to say Evan Smith.

Have you read the comments on your video? They're all positive.

I read a few, that's cool that everybody is stoked on the part.

Was there one trick that you're the most stoked on?

The backtail shove-it to nose manual.

So, what's the next project you're filming for? When are we going to see some more footage from you?

I'm filming for the DGK video.

When's that going to come out?

Fall 2010.

Sick! Thanks Marquise!


Switch varial heelflip.


Frontside nosegrind, 180 out.