Matt Costa & G. Love In Concert

Matt Costa & G. Love at House Of Blues, San Diego

Always looking for an excuse to get out and do something cool on a weeknight, when the good people at Fresh and Clean Media offered to hook me up with tickets to the double bill of skaters-turned-musicians Matt Costa and G. Love at the House Of Blues, it was a go no questions asked.

The line up of twenty-somethings wrapping around the block could’ve been for Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, or anyone of those mainstream soft-rockers that has the collegiate demographic by its balls—very Abercrombie/Hollister-ish. But I did see a girl and her boyfriend dumping tall cans into Super Big Gulp cups in line, then getting a half-hearted verbal warning from the security guard that was checking IDs. There’s still some rebelliousness left in the post-MTV generation!

Let’s talk about the show, Matt Costa opened, as he has for other big name artists, most notably Jack Johnson. Now, Costa sounds nothing like G. Love, nor does he like Jack Johnson, so don’t get it twisted. But it’s nice to see an ex-skate rat from the O.C. be on stage and share his brand of soulful folk music to a larger and larger audience. Costa actually stopped two lines into “Cold December when his keyboard player put a shot of whiskey on the ground in front of him. “What’s this? he asked, then found out it was handed up from a fan. Matt took the shot graciously. Later in the show, the keyboard player came out with a tray of shots for the whole band. Begrudgingly, Costa uttered, “I promised I wouldn’t drink tonight. That was a long time ago.

After about an hour set of Costa, G. Love came on and put the Greek system attendees in a frenzy while they sipped their domestic light beers and looked around anxiously and gloriously surprised when they smelled the scent of reefer somewhere in the establishment. You ought to know by now what these two talented artists sound like, and both are much better to see live. So, don’t miss either one of these cats when they come through your town.—Blair Alley


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