Micro Mullets Found At Invert 99?

While Rick McCrank was killing the street course and Bob Burnquist waswrecking the vert ramp, a little something else was happening at thisyear’s Invert 99′ at the Aneheim Convention center. Muska broke out hisboombox and and started the Circa breakdancing circle. From headspins towindmills to some serious shiznit was going diznown. Oh, word? The moves were so frickin’ good, that I decided to startbreakin’ myself. But than I spotted a rare breed of mullet, the albinomicro mullet. This species was almost a midget, but it wasn’t an albinomicro midget mullet, those are believed to be extinct. That’s right,there was some serious freaks at this piece. Almost as freaky as theelectric bull ruff ryders; I saw Jesse Paez and Steve Caballero go overthirty seconds. What’s that? A trampoline! Oh, I’m out of here homies,it’s time to bounce to the tramp and then the Vert ramp were beverages were not allowed, Oh! really, yeah dog! not unless it’s some power boost thirst drink, so silly me almost got bounced out of the whole Invert 99 thing, but thankfully I had enough time to shoot some digi shots of Bucky who ulitmately won the contest and three grand. OK, time to go see Jurrasic Park, I mean five and get dinner. Much thanks to my homie Shaznad for holding the cup while the man tried to bring me down and Laurie for beverges on the credi! See ya at Invert 2 double 00, hopefully we will obtain the ultimate goal of finding the obscure bullweavel mullet.

Final Results


1. Jesse Paez
2. Rogeria Menosa
3. Ed Templeton
4. Carlos DeAndrande
5. Chris Senn
6. Pat Channita
7. Brian Patch
8. Rick McCrank
9. Andy Macdonald
10. Dan Pageau


1. Bucky Lasek
2. Pierre – Luc Gagnon
3. Andy Macdonald
4. Sluggo Boyce
5. Chris Gentry
6. Brian Patch
7. Buster Halterman
8. Mike Frazier
9. Bob Burnquist
10. Phil Hajal