Mike O’Meally Interview

Mike’s been around for a while. His talent has spoken for itself over the last ten plus years behind the lens, while his humorous wit and casual Aussie demeanor have attracted the world’s best skaters in front of it. Mike recently joined the camp here at TransWorld as our newest senior photographer. He was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

Give us a brief history of your work in photography.

’93 to ’98 I worked at Slam magazine in Australia. ’98 to 2000 I worked for Slap magazine, in ’98 I moved to New York City from Australia to work for Slap. 2000 to 2004, worked for Skateboarder. 2004 I started working for you guys.

How did Skin get you to come to TransWorld ?

Bought me a beer.

What photographers influenced you when you were starting out?

As far as skating goes, Dan Sturt, Gabe Morford, Tobin Yelland. Other photographers like Diane Arbus, Lewis Hine—there’s a lot but I can’t really list them all, that’s just a couple.

Today, who’s influencing you?

I’m getting more into portraits so Richard Avedon, Albert Watson—I definitely like Oliver Bartok’s photos a lot and Brian Gaberman.

Are you a self-taught photographer?

I took about a year of basic black and white class, but yeah, mostly self-taught. That was just learning the basics.

How did you learn it on your own?

Well the class was too slow so I just got frustrated and wanted to start shooting pictures, and I made a lot of mistakes and asked a lot of questions of how things work.

What equipment are you shooting with these days?

Pretty much the same stuff everyone else is, Nikon and Hasselblad.

Are you shooting a lot of digital?

Not really, I’m still a big fan of film. I haven’t made up my mind on that one yet. Digital has its advantages but film will always have a classic look, that’s what I really like.

What skaters do you like shooting with?

Anyone that puts in some effort. Someone with a bit of style, someone that’s just fun to shoot really, that could be anybody.

What are you looking forward to with TransWorld ?

Working on some interesting projects, keep traveling as much as possible, and just making the magazine interesting for people to read and exciting to look at.