Mike O’Meally’s Solo Show

Last Friday night, June 27, Mike O’Meally’s solo show Far From Home opened at the Dactyl Gallery in NYC. The collection of photos were compiled over Mike’s worldwide travels from the last decade. From Heath Kirchart on his Harley, to amateur boxers in East L.A., to Egyptians on camels at Giza, the show was impressive in its broad range of subjects.

I was lucky enough to hang around earlier in the week as Mike hung the show with help from Jason Dill, Al Boglio, and some other friends that were in town for the event. Along with the large prints, there were a few photos that were wheatpasted onto the walls in huge ceiling to floor format, most notably being Mike’s photo of Jeff Pang, Todd Jordan, and other NYC skaters pushing down a deserted Broadway the day after 9/11.

On the opening night, the attendees were a who’s who of the NYC skate scene. Jeff Pang, Peter Bici, Chris Keefe, Dill, Kenny Reed, Jack Sabback, Tim O’Connor, Reese Forbes, Natas Kaupas, Jon Newport, Neckface, Glen E. Friendman. It was pretty rad to see everyone come out. Mike’s show also attracted loads of gorgeous women as well, of which New York has no shortage. Everyone left the show impressed and inspired. You can read an insiteful interview with Mike at the Quiksilver site. Cheers, Mike!