Mike York Online Exclusive Interview

Mike York is a very talented and raw skater. I Did this interview from side kick to side kick as we both were stuck in traffic. To all the readers this is a fun time so please read up and have a good time.—Sincerely, Nate Sherwood

1.. If you Won the lotto what would you do with the money? It is at 100 mil right now..

If I won the lotto, first Id take all my homies out to French toast and cheese eggs, then Id start a rap label/skateboard company/ sports drink company, then Id buy a Big ass Gucci roll away bag & a big ass pit bull- put him in the bag with his head sticking out and roll him around at the Beverly Center.

2.. who came up with the try chocolate pow drink ad?

One of my old school homies

3.. Do you remember your first time ever setting foot on EMB brick? If so can we hear the story?

I was 12 or 13. I cut school and took the Bart train from Oakland to san Francisco with my homie who already knew about embarcadero and when I got there I was so blown away that I didn’t even skate. I just sat and watched. My stories of EMB didn’t get better until later, after I got to know everyone.

4.. Herd you are roommates with Joe splivingates how is he to live with. Does he bring any of the women home from his stable? Do you get freaked out by his swap meet junk piling up in your garage?

When Joe comes home, he’s off duty and I only see him about twice a month. He’s currently working on a hyphy new album due to drop soon. Be on the look out.

5.. I recall my first time to per 7 back in 97 you and Karl Watson were chilling on a bench drinking orange juice and talking it up do you still stay in touch with him?

Not really.

6.. what do you miss most about SF?

I miss the skate movement that we had at pier 7. the early movement was the shit when everyone was still trying to come up. I miss all my pier 7 comrades. They all know who they are

7.. WHAT Do you miss least about S.F.

the weather, the bums, and 2 dollar parking meters (for like 30 mins), SFPD, and dudes who moved from somewhere to SF- lived there for like 2 months then hated on me by saying I am not a real city dude cuz I moved to LA.

8.. Do you have any good James kelch story’s?

I got hella James kelch stories but I cant tell you due to the fact that James kelch is under strict contract with EMB productions and Belch pictures. He’s dropping a movie about his life, produced by mike York.

9.. I Know you are a cynosure of gold fronts Where in LA Can a guy get the best deals on gold fronts?

If you roll with me at 3 o’clock on a Wednesday, we can head out to the Slauson swap meet and get grilled out.

10.. Who would you like to give some shout outs to?

I want to give a shout out to all my REAL folks out there whether I know you or not, the bay area for letting me know why I am such a fool and letting me go dumb and ride the yellow bus, bossed up players- the new song sounds tight!, Dekline shoes and Dekline team, everybody at grind king, everybody at Ezekiel- wassup speed!, my homie Rod and his boys in Hawaii, Val Surf, FTC, Diamond and everyone at Empire-go damndumb!, LA skate, and every real skate spot from Bangladesh to Justin Herman Plaza, and Nate Sherwood for hooking this up- I really apprecia-skate it.

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