Mini Madness in Oz!

So, today’s contest was a mini ramp jam at Globe’s headquarters in Mermaid Beach. The contest didn’t start until 5p.m. so everyone got nice and sunburnt and even a little tipsy at the beach and the hotel pool. Hey, we’re in paradise, what do you expect. Adam Dyet has one of the gnarliest sunburns going I’ve ever seen, was drunk as a skunk all day, and still skated his ass off all night on the mini! There was also a live band at the ramp jam and unlimited free beers all night. Wow, only in Oz.

As expected, Chris Haslam got all Cheesey & Crackery up in that bitch and was getting 100 dollar bills handed to him all night for bangers. I think he told me he made 700 or 800 bucks overall. David Gonzalez is a pint-sized terror on tranny. Check the footy to see these two shine. He netted around a G as well. I wonder how far that goes in Columbia? Well, tomorrow’s event is the showstopper, the Double Stack Cash Attach down the Varsity Double Set–the six-flat-seven that Chima backside 360’d a while back. Should be an amazing carcass toss. Stay tuned.

Peep the photos and video footage of the madness now!