Mission To Miami

Who in their right mind would pass up a trip to the South Beach of Miami? Aside from glamorous models strutting their stuff on the promenade and clubs rocking ’til sunrise, Miami boasts some of the most insane skateboarding terrain available today. The crew on our Miami mission consisted of Peter Smolik, Brandon Turner, Jesse Silvey, Sammy Baptisa, filmer Tuan Ngyuen, and George Nagai all eager to see what this town has to offer.

With a town full of distractions, late afternoon wake-up calls and no demo’s, would be key to the successful trip. After all, Miami is really a city that NEVER sleeps. First and foremost on our journey would be to hit the ledge that was immortalized by Eric Koston and his kickflip 5’0 grind. With a local tour-guide in-tow and some misguided directions we finally hit the ledge as the sun was setting. No problem though, as the rental van filled the void with the high beam illuminating the buttery ledge.

Silvey was first to go to bat by sticking a smooth switch crook down the ledge. Baptista went to work as well, throwing down a switch back tailslide into the wee-hours of the night. With footage and photos on lock, we decided to call it a night. After all, it was still early.

If you’ve never been to Miami, not only is the town littered with skate spots, but some of the most happening nightlife in the world. From glamour girls to hip-hop heads, it has a finger on the pulse of what’s happening. For us though, this wasn’t a vacation and skate spots are first prerogative. From low-to-high ledges and security guards chasing us in their golf carts, much was accomplished in our short journey and many a night turned to morning. I look forward to spending more time with our crew one day in one of the most amazing places on earth.