And Now alumnus Matt Miller sets us up this week for Monday Movie. Our 1999 mega-talent mash-up The Reason had a ton of reasons to watch for inspiration: Stevie Williams, Cairo Foster, Matt Mumford, etc. Miller straight up liked the whole damn thing. So this week we’re presenting the opening montage that gets the ball rolling. Peep it before your next session and see if it doesn’t hype you up just the same.

Opening Montage, THE REASON (1999)

Matt Miller intro filmed by Chris Ray

In order of appearance: Adrian Lopez, Keith Hufnagel, Mike Peterson, Bam, Kerry Getz, Tim Achille, Tony Montgomery, Brian Wenning, Brian Anderson, Brad Staba, Alex Chalmers, Jake Stewart, Mike Hastie, Ryan Smith, J.B. Gillet, Lee Smith, Chris Lambert, Andrew Reynolds, Brad Hayes, Spencer Fujimoto, Stephane Laurence, Rob Welsh, Pat Channita, Chany Jeanguenin, Chris Cole, Colt Cannon, Alan Petersen, Dan Drehobl, Elias Bingham, Dustin Dollin, Aaron Irvings, Renton Millar, Bucky Lasek, Ed Templeton, Laban Pheidias, Chad Bartie, Jayme Fortune, Reese Forbes, Chet Thomas, Matt Beach, and Jeremy Wray.