Money Makin’ Manhattan Bridge Contest

Money Makin’ Manhattan Bridge Contest

Saturday, October 14th 2006

By Andy Seifert, photos by Ryan Zimmerman

Superman is kinda the shit. That’s why it was so hard for me to drag my ass away from a newly purchased bootleg copy of Hollywoodland all the way across my room to the computer to write this. I could have waited until the movie was over but then I would have forgotten the segue concept that popped into my head at the very moment I started the film. I’m not a big fan of boring beginnings to these articles. In fact nobody is, which is why you see less and less contest coverage in magazines these days. “This contest was held at blah and blah did blah and it was so much blah that I nearly blahed myself! You see, we can get into the actual details of the contest in the second paragraph, but as any high school writing teacher will tell you the first paragraph is what hooks the reader in. So where were we? Ahh yes—the segue concept! Every time I go to New York City’s Chinatown, I always make it my business to eat, and pick up a few bootleg movies. These are two of the things that Chinatown is known for. It just so happens that the reason I was in Chinatown yesterday was to check out the Money Makin’ Manhattan Bridge best trick contest. Are you still here? Yes? See how that worked?

The contest was held at the new Manhattan Bridge Skatepark located directly beneath the bridge on the “Money Makin’ Manhattan side. Every time the D train rumbled along the tracks on the bridge above a waterfall worthy of a Costa Rican postcard would come splashing down on the course. This was funny about the first ten times it happened and then it entered into nuisance status. The park is lined on one side with cement ledges that are better suited to sitting than skating, and that’s where most of the spectators sat, watching the waterfall and the “Money Makin’ best trick contest.” Chris Pastras aka “Dune was the Emcee and did his best to be heard above the surly looking group of thugged out white boys who were iPod-Deejaying the affair. Quim Cardona seemed to know them and they had a fairly dope old-school hip hop playlist on shuffle so it was all good.

While I sat with Quim and expounded on why he was underrated but it didn’t matter because he was a legend, some of NY’s young up and comers ripped the pyramid/picnic table/jersey barrier/kinked rail contraption in the center of the course. 5-Boro am Chris Meade took first place with a kickflip back smith grind across and down the rail, a feeble grind to frontside shove out and a backside lipslide to fakie all the way down the roller coaster. Second place went to another 5 ta’ lifer named Jimmy McDonnell aka “McDoogal (it’s as if those Greenwich Village based 5-Boro guys just pluck their clever nicknames off the street signs) who did everything big. Third and fourth places went to Nolan Lee and Louis Tolentino respectively. Nolan did his usual bloodshot-eyed magic and Louis spent ample time bruising his heels with huge ollies over the whole pyramid. No offense intended here, but the actual highlight of the day for me was watching Joe Humeres freestyling his ass off in the far corner of the park. That guy has still got it—whatever “it is.

The whole deal was sponsored by Rockstar, 5-boro, Autumn, Rival, Volcom, Redbull, Independent and a small slew of others. After the contest, legendary local band Funkface played into the evening hours. I really wanted to stay and listen to them but I had more pressing matters to attend to. I had a bootleg that needed watching. I mean, Funkface is cool and all, talking to Quim is always fun, and watching NY’s illest sprouts throw themselves around the course is amazing, but Superman is kinda’ the shit.—Andy Seifert

1st place — Chris Meade – $400.00

2nd place — “McDoogal” – $200.00

3rd place — Nolan Lee – $100.00

4th place — Louis Tolentino – $100.00

Check tha attached slideshow to the left for all the photos!