Nike SB/Deluxe rep, my Twitter nemesis, and all around big comedy, Oliver Flores just sent these down. Photos & captions by Oliver Flores. All photos shot with a Canon G10.

And peep the new comment boxes–you can insert videos and polls!

Standard tool.

Chicken and waffles. You won’t find this at the app store.

Shakas fo life.

random fans.

Anthony Correa, Steve from Manik, and Coach.

Best smile ever.

So glad I didn’t touch that stuff.

God bless beef.

Clark and Kurt.

Art-c son.

Therapy session.

A lot of pros get shoes but this is the first time ive ever seen a pro model coaster.


Pancho holding his own.

Best speech ever, very humble.

Magic, son.

The Man was trying to get Joey…

One second later.


She is sitting way too close to him.

Double E.


Those are soccer legs.

Stefan BGP!