Most Wanted June ’05


Summer 2005: the slip-on Captain (black suede/black perfed action leather) is available in six colorways; Villain (black/lime argyle canvas/black suede) is available in three versions; and Shun-Mid (white/red action leather) comes in eleven different colors.


Destructo’s weapons-grade aluminum has been used for this limited-edition Neon series of trucks. Available in 4.75 and 5.0 in pink/blue, yellow/black, and blue/green.


V.Co-Operative Series: Dustin Dollin, Mark Appleyard, and Geoff Rowley jeans. Basics Slim (turquoise) and Acid Wash (brown) T-shirts. Breaksto (burgundy) and Pinter (black) long-sleeve button-ups.


The mad scientists at enjoi have discovered a new construction technique utilizing six epoxy bonds sandwiched between Canadian maple veneers for a lighter deck with pop that’s supposed to last longer than normal decks. Resin 7 Construction: Caswell Berry Bird Turd, Bobby Puleo Headache, Jason Adams Choice Meat, Panda Milk team.


This line of decks from Habitat are made in the U.S. and feature a woven sheet of hemp pressed between the plys for added strength and stiffness. Don’t be stupid and try to smoke your board. Fabric And Thread series: Kerry Getz and Brian Wenning; Ed Selego, Tim O’Connor, and Danny Garcia; Danny Renaud and Fred Gall.


Vehicle skateboards are made in the U.S.A., conceptualized on the East Coast, and brought to you by one of the most stylish skateboarders to ever set foot on a board: Boston’s Robbie Gangemi. Gangemi Key and Grolsch; team Big Bottle; and Gangemi Block and team Light.