Most Wanted

World Industries

The self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Skateboard Company” is at it again with its proprietary Resin Epoxy Construction, which promises stronger and lighter decks. Pat Duffy Turn It Up; Carlos de Andrade Kill You; Mike Peterson Hand; Chad Bartie Lines; Kyle Berard Pissed Off.


DGK keeps it real-and real ‘hood with the Ghettostore Series. Jack Curtin Check Cashing (7.56 X 31), Marcus McBride Fine Liquors (7.62 X 31.06), and Stevie Williams 24 Hour Chinese Takeout (7.5 X 30.78) are all available just a stone’s throw from whichever ‘hood you may be residing in.


Already boasting one of the largest and most talented professional teams in skateboarding, Chocolate has graduated two shining individuals, Devine Calloway and Justin Eldridge, to the pro ranks. Following a Chocolate tradition, here are Justin and Devine’s portrait decks.


Bones Bearings are the best bearings for your skateboard. Bones’ entire line was specifically designed to handle the forces skateboards can be subjected to. Ceramics are the fastest, while the Super 6-Ball will last as long as you take care of them. Clean them over and over and lubricate with Speed Cream often. Reds, Swiss, Super 6-Ball, Ceramics, Speed Cream, and Bearing Washer.


Based on the highly-skated and often-copied Reebok Workout low comes Stevie Williams’ first DGK by RBK footwear release, appropriately titled with the same name by which it accumulated its underground following. The flavor ain’t new, just fine and improved for all your skateboarding and chilling needs. Available at finer skate shops now.


Knowledge, a full line from non-shriveling-after-you-wash-’em tees to premium denim, is from Julius Brian Siswojo, one of a few select gentlemen who can pull off being featured in corny U.S. streetwear mags without looking goofy. Plus, he’s the skate ambassador of Hong Kong who’ll be happy to show you around the 852. Get in the know from RE:UP in San Diego to In4mation in Hawai’i, and online at