Munster Mastership

The 24th annual Munster Monster Mastership (World Championships of Skateboarding) wrapped up over the weekend. Check the flicks and the video. Go here for more info.

Mens Street
1. Daniel Vieira
2. Ricardo Oliveira Porva
3. Ryan Sheckler
4. Ronnie Creager
5. Austen Seaholm

Womens Street Jam
1. Elissa Steamer
2. Vanessa Torres
3. Evelin Bouilliart
4. Lauren Perkins
5. Sophie Poppe

Mens Vert
1. Sandro Dias
2. Mathias Ringstrom
3. Cristiano Mateus
4. Juergen Horrwarth
5. Neal Hendrix

Womens Vert
1. Karen Jones
2. Tina Neff
3. Rebecca Aimee Davies

Both Friday and Saturday nights, Halle Munsterland hosted the Monster Rock Festival with bands like Turbonegro, Pennywise, Flogging Molly, US Bombs, and Mando Diao. Bands played in between vert heats--the way a contest ought to be. Speaking of vert, Sandro Dias now does flawless 900s in his runs with only a one wall setup air. Gnarly.