Muska on Penny- 20.1

Did Tom go to Paris because he knew you’d be there? Had you talked to him beforehand?

I hadn’t talked to Penny at all-that’s the craziest thing. But I had a feeling I’d see him in Paris-that was inside my head. I knew one way or another I’d see him.

The last day, before we left, somebody told me Tom lives in the South of France; we were going to the north, and I was like, “What?” I thought I wasn’t going to see him. I hadn’t called him ’cause it had been so hectic.

We were at this restaurant, and I think the French distributors called Penny and said it would be cool if we hooked up. So Penny and his homeys Julian and Johan took the train and showed up. We kicked it for a couple days in Paris, then we took off to Germany and Switzerland.

When you saw Tom that first night in Paris, did you think you’d see him again?

I didn’t know what he was going to do. We just hung out, and he was doing his thing. We didn’t see much of him the next day, but then he started kicking it with us and busting again, not that he’s ever stopped-he just comes in and out of skating.

It was so fun to skate with Tom again. It’s been like a reunion with two old homeys, Jamie and Tom. There’s a lot of energy between us.