Mystery Black & White Video Premiere Photos

Mystery Skateboards held the hotly-anticipated world premiere of their first-ever video on Friday night… and it was slamming from start to finish. But no skate premiere would be complete without its fair share of technical difficulties: on this particular night in Encinitas, CA, the glitch was a solid two-hour delay. (With no booze to help pass the time.) While a packed house was killing hours popping Sour Patch Kids and watching the entire Zero Anthology, Jaime Thomas was furiously putting the final touches on the Mystery vid just a couple miles away at Black Box.

Ahh, but when the Chief finally arrived at the theater with the finished product, the energy level shot back up through the roof. After his short intro on stage, the video began… (STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT IT SPOILED)

Black & White was, unsuprisingly, shot in black-and-white all the way through. I thought it was going to be high on the overkill, but it was actually a nice-lookin’ and welcome change. I’m not going to get too far into the nitty gritty here, so I’ll just flow you the fundamentals: Ryan Bobier had the first part, Jimmy Carlin had the best part (in my humble opinion), Dennis Durrant’s officially on, and Dan Murphy closed it out. Kudos to the Mystery team and everyone at Black Box for putting out some very top-shelf skate theatrics.

P.S. — Make sure say hi to the Mystery (and Zero) teams when they visit your town, starting next week.


UPDATE — Nate Sherwood just sent in his take on the evening…
“Not only was the film original as hell filled with amazing skating and raw creativity but , The CROWD got to watch 2 of the past zero films from the past before the mystery video. Why you ask? Well The only copy of the Mystery video was getting the final touches on it and then after that was stuck in traffic. I was stoked to see any skate video on the big screen and it was truly a great night. 2 thumbs up.”