Mystic Sk8 Cup

First of all, let me set the stage for you: The Mystic Skatepark is located on an island in the Vltava River that snakes through the oldest and most picturesque part of Prague. There is a full bar and kitchen adjacent to the park where huge Pilsner Urquels cost about a dollar. There’s a clubhouse as well with a full wooden bowl inside. Stalin Square is about a five minute skate up the street in case you get the urge to skate a flawless marble and granite plaza overlooking the entire city. That being said, here are a few misty memories from the Mystic Sk8 Cup weekend:

Blind Ass Chicken is my new favorite band. Check out one of their songs in the Mystic Sk8 Cup video here on the site. Unfortunately, they don’t have a Web site or anywhere to get their music, but when they do, I’m going to plug it.

Quiksilver hosted a two hour boat cruise up and down the Vltava where Blind Ass Chicken played and there was free food and beer. Vanessa Torres and pals got rowdy.

There was a gnarly rain and hail storm during the finals. At one point half the course flooded when a tarp broke, causing an hour our so delay. The finals were almost cancelled but the well-prepared Mystic staff dried off the course and the contest finished properly.

During the best trick contest, Fabio Sleiman took one of the ledges from the course and stood it up on the vert wall and tried to drop in on it twice (See Wednesday Woe July 13).

Czech women are insanely hot.

Here are the results:


1 Bastien Salabanzi $4,000
2 Diego Olevio Santos $2,500
3 Austen Seaholm $1,500
4 Daniel Vieira $1,000
5 Dany Hamard $800
6 Allan Mesquita $650
7 Fabio Castilho $550
8 Philip Schuster $450
9 Chris Pfanner $350
10 Ricardo Oliveira Porva $300


1 Terence Bougdour $4,000
2 Rodrigo Menezes $2,500
3 Marcelo Kosake $1,500
4 Nicky Guerrero $1,000
5 Jean Postec $800

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