Nate Sherwood’s ASR Hangover Cure

So All you humans that are out there feeling ill or hung over or dehydraSKATEed from life here is some tips I have come up with for surviving.  

1# IF YOU LIVE IN SAN DIEGO OR LA DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATERTHE Stuff will end your life no joke I was feeling illmatic from 3 days of sleeping like shit and bad eating and needed some water in my system bad plan I think I got good poising from the tap water it did not help it tasted like roting eggs.  

2# buy bottled water Now you have to be mad careful when buying this shit you might end up with tap water from Mexico and be even more ill Stay away from anything that says  purified water or dasani on that shit will leave you more messed up.  

3# get a good book for when you are not puking read that shit and maybe you will remember some of it after the puke fest is over. 

4# sudifed pm Advil Efrain spray voss water  aquafina are your best friends hold them close to you at all times. 

5# vitamins take them no matter what you feel like your body needs to replenish anything that it has lost in the battle Field of vomiting. 

6# make sure to use your free time to call anybody on your phone who has pissed you off in the past 4 years and puke on there voice mail.  

7# buy tons of cough drops and use them as much as you CAN SO YOUR Throat WILL NOT feel like it has been Maced to death. 

8# make sure to write some shit that it spelt wrong and looks like hell to your friends at tw.  

9# prank call  ex ho,s  

10# play final fantasy and grand turizmo and gta San Andrus as much as you can stand till you use a whole bottle of eye drops to stay awake.   

11# never eat sushi and kettle chips if you think you might be vomiting.