Nate’s TWS Awards Wrap-Up

Words: Nate Sherwood

Photos: Blair Alley’s cell phone


So it went off like this. I got stuck in rad LA traffic in a Volvowith thick leather SEATS and no tint in 107 weather in Los Dangerous trying to wrench away on getting up to HellAWOOD. You know the drill to much smog and cig smoke outside the AC uses to much gas and it is 107 out and you want nothing more than to be skating in the shade or swimming in a pool. So I get to  The holiday inn on Highland And Ben Kelly aka masters of  the Universe Is at the pool getting hella lit up and having a crowd of Mullet heads with cigars and Women with bangs that would have made Cindy lopper cry and Well of course the Royal flush of TW Charlton Curtis Explosive beer expert. Blair Alley Lady Killer . Striker aka underwater moon walk.  And Jason Lee aka Queens bridge murder.

So As I find a spot to chill at I see Ben getting the ” BEN “BEN BEN COME ON DO IT DUDEEEEE” Shit. I was like what the f—k is going on So I grab  Channels Camera and I get ready for what was soon to come to be the hi light of my day. Ben f—king was going for k grinds and front boards down the 4 step rail into the pool plastered out of his mind and in full gear. So AFTER LIKE 8 minutes the whack ass security rolls out and is like you cannot do this here if my boss sees this I will be fired. It reminded me of the part in Next Where Alf is trying to Ollie that pool gap and the lady storms out but this lady was much fatter and less mellow yo. So after this war zone got shut down like I balled to see if I could conger up something to eat but finding parking in Hollywood is about as easy as finding a grave plot to tossyour corps into in at Arlington Cemetery. Not saying it is impossible but very hard. No thanks to Firestone buying the subways in LA and closing them so people will have to drive., the mass transit there is of none and the busses suck So I had to brave the retarskation of the generic grind of doom in 107 degree weather.

Anyway So off to the  venue I am sure this is the part you want to know about f—k listening to me bitch about smog and black hair dye It is time to talk about the hi lights of TWSA. Here you go It was a huge place with 3 floors roof top full of cancer sticks and bad food and red bull and vodka for free. Second floor was nothing but a hallway where humans were talking and bullshitting. The stage as you can see is a stage and the humans who are listed won all the fun stuff. First floor was rad nice and full of great AC too cool the humans down.

Anyway I will let the pics and shit explain better than I canarticuskate it here. Now The after party’s well that is not much to write home about but B here will give you the inside on that shit for I went on a night session and bailed out of the limo instead   I was more about power slides and skating 45 blocks back to my car from the viper room than hanging and chilling with the same faces at different places Shit I had to drive back to Sd Nobody would spot me a hotel room and there is no way in hell I am sharing one with crazy drunk f—ks who might tryto spoon me. So I jetted out.