Creepin' in Cali Tour

Words by Cmart, Katch & JZ
The "Creepin' in Cali" tour mission was simple: Skate, party, and rip up Cali. Get footy for the new vid, creep and stay under the radar of the 5-0.24

The Natural Koncept crew: Katch1, Bob Gnarly, Sean Reilly, Chris Kays, Dave Davis, Adrian Mcelhaney, Trevor Uriona, Brendan "Lai Wing" Leung, and Josh "JZ" Zickert.  Cmart & Bryan Calla handled the photos and footy.

We arrived in L.A. Feb 24 for our 10-day trip and spent the first 3 days straight filming and shooting flicks.  Katch pulled out the spot book and it was game on! The tour started off with a bang—JZ dropped in and pulled a rock fakie on a 40-foot tall skinny sculpture above the 101-freeway. Gnarly got super gnarly, dodged hotties and angry students and pulled a bad-ass speedy boardslide to fakie on a rail deep inside Cal State L.A. Trevor nollie 180'd over a flat bar in the rain two blocks from the hotel. Reilly front varial heeled this sick gap in Rosemead, and Lai Wing pulled a styly airwalk and backside flip over it.  The entire squad shredded the city of Angels.


JZ had been eyeing this sculpture for the last year. As the light faded to the golden hour JZ climbed up and pulled an epic rock fakie.

The evening of our departure to Santa Cruz we partied it up at the Pull-In store on Melrose with David & Bertrand. French hospitality to the fullest! We got styled out with so much gear and champagne no one even remembers the drive to Nor Cal….until we got stuck in the mud next to a corn field in the middle of nowhere near Watsonville, California at 5 A.M. As the sun was rising we finally were able to push the van out of the muck. Trevor lost his phone, iPod, and shoe. We woke up in Santa Cruz just in time for our first demo at the legendary Bills Wheels Skate Shop.311 It rained most of the day, but lots of kids showed up and Reilly and JZ threw down tricks on the slippery 8-foot quarter pipe. An epic sunset session followed at the Davenport ditch. Kays pulled a big spin back lip and a kicky back lip on the tombstone. Cmart hit a styly front D. Davis blasted a head high frontside flip off it. Mad props to the locals who built this joint, it's so sick! Bill hooked it up so tough by taking the soldiers out for the illest Mexican food with endless pitchers of beer. Good looks Bill!

We linked back up at Bills Wheels the following day to pick up Katch as he was bombing the wall most of the night trying to finish the 20-foot high mural. Minutes before heading to San Jose, Katch attempted a sketchy gap from the scaffolding to the roof (10 foot gap). The scaffolding collapsed, and he was hanging from the scaffolding cross bar in shock. When he got down, he just looked at us and said calmly, “Something's wrong. I have to go the emergency room."   Punctured lung and broken ribs was the report from the hospital. This would be the last time we would see Katch on this trip.

411Later that day we arrived at Circle-A skateboard shop in downtown San Jose just in time to hang out and skate with all the groms. Adrian Mcelhaney, Lai Wing, Dave Davis, and Kays scooped footy at a local schoolyard. We finished the day off with a product toss and a screening of the second NK video, Dysfunctional Family. The cops pressed the scene however Bob, the owner of Circle-A, hooked up the pigs with pizza and a couple T-shirts and they bounced. The pigs grabbed their favorite flavors and bounced! Kays and Trevor were nearly cuffed later that night by the fuzz for skating in the street. Be careful in San Jose.

We were crusty, but we woke up at 10:00am for the 250-mile drive to Tsunami Surf & Skate in Garberville, California. We were disappointed Katch wasn’t there for this part of the trip, as Garberville is in the heart of Humboldt County, and as an artist, he would have appreciated how everything there is so beautifully green. So many skaters turned up at the shop and the entire NK crew skated the ramp, flat bar, and parking block with the skate rats, it was rad! Richard, the owner of Tsunami, laced us with dinner and treats. We blazed back to S.F., got a hotel in the Tenderloin district and skated throughout downtown and The Mission before ending up at Century Strip Club on Larkin St. Dale, the owner of the joint, is a skater so he waived the cover charge in trade for a Natural Koncept Choppy Omega board. Go Chops! Stoked! It was an all-nude club and the girls worked really really hard for each dollar bill…


Majors arrived in S.F. from NYC to meet up for the last five days of the trip. On the way to 3rd & Army.

The next day we seshed 3rd & Army, the F.B.I. building, Clipper, and China Banks. Trevor, Gnarly, and Kays scored footy on the picnic table at 3rd & Army with feebles, backside nosegrinds, noseblunts big spin out, and front and back lips. We walked over to Hubba Hideout to drink some beers and grub. Of course later that night we bombed down the hill to Century Strip Club for one last dance. Ha.


Trevor & Kays, Pacific Beach.

We finished the tour off by driving 500 miles to San Diego for one last day at the notorious Pacific Drive Skate Shop.  PD is the shit. We linked up with Blair Alley and skated out front for a bit and then drifted over a couple blocks to a new spot at the beach. It's a tree stump with a bump up to it. Reilly switch nose blunted it and followed it up with a sex change over the famous street gap across from Burger King. That night we hit up house parties along the beach and lost Adrian in his hometown. Pacific Beach kicks ass! Everyone got super faded. Woke up, dropped Gnarly off in L.A., drove to LAX, Reilly and Kays flew back to Hawaii, Davis and Trevor to Denver, Brendan to Santa Cruz, and Cmart and JZ to NYC. It's official—Bryan Calla is the Natty Kon filmer for life!

Mission complete. 20 tapes of footy. 2,000 photos and a super pissed off rental van company. Peep the rest of the photos below.


Katch, trainyard, downtown L.A with train passing.


Trevor A.K.A. "Soup Kid" has been on the road for the past month skating, scoping out rock shows & tattooing his homies. The first night of the tour Reilly got 5 tattoos.


Sean Reilly’s newest.


Davis putting a cigarette out on Reilly. It's all love.


A few Katch paintings for his upcoming show at The Finest Skateshop during Tampa Pro.


Katch dropped in on this pole and grinded over the metal sign. Reilly had attempted this one a few times and nearly died. So rad.


This room got so thrashed. We hooked up the hotel manager with a few extra cases of Arizona Iced Tea and we were off the hook.


Trevor & Dave catch JZ.


Adrian stocking shotgun with water and stickers.


Trevor snapped this nollie 180 in the rain minutes before the cops arrived—Rosemead, California. Reilly pulled a hippy jump manny that was sick too.


This boardslide fakie was so fast. Gnarly started at the very top of the stairs and was flying by the time he hit the rail. Cal State L.A.


We only expected to get a few minutes at this spot. Luck was on our side as we seshed it for 31 minutes. It was so chaotic with 9 dudes hitting the spot at once. Gnarly melon into the bank.


C-Low took place every night on this trip.


Davis posing with his new friends in Echo Park.


Cmart heard about this roller derby party in Echo Park. All the  girls were wasted and roller-skating around the venue. Davis high 5.


Dave had just got this tattoo in Denver. It's baby Dave Davis coming out of his mother’s vagina.


"Soup Kid" doing the soup dance. Actually we have no idea what is happening here but it's amazing to say the least.


Lai Wing, airwalk, L.A.


Lai Wing was on fire this entire trip. Backside flip.


Reilly frontside varial heel.


Katch1 is a ninja.


Katch putting the finishing touches on this "Creepin in Cali" tour piece. It's always a treat kickin' back watching Katch do his thing.


Scoping out the Pull-In store on Melrose. It's bangin!


Reilly posing in his new Pull-In tights.


David, the marketing exec, explaining to Brendan, Adrian, and Bryan that Pull-In is all about throwing huge bikini parties around the world!  Apparently Chris Kays was at a huge bash on the North Shore just last month. He said there were 50 girls decked out in Pull-In lingerie and boatloads of champagne and free food.


Katch painting.


If you’re at Melrose & Fairfax go check this piece out.


Muddy Reilly after pushing the van out of the mud.


Bill has the raddest collection of skateboards. He is the real deal.


Katch 1 piece.


JZ back D in the rain, Bills Wheels.


Adrian & Gnarly getttin' wild in Santa Cruz.


Cmart, front D at sunset, Davenport.


Davis blasting a gigantic frontside flip – Davenport.


Kays kickflip back D like butter.


JZ, backside blunt.


Davis at Bills Wheels.


Circle-A product toss.


Bob & the NK Crew outside the shop.


Brendan signing a board at Circle-A.


Adrian frontside 180 around the corner from the shop. Damn this kid has got snaps!


Kays backsode ollie into bank, San Jose.


Lai Wing – full cab – San Jose.


Dave Davis – barley grind – San Jose.


Kays & Trevor gettin' swooped up on by the 5-0.


Tsunami Surf & Skate signing.


The kids in Garberville were super hyped on the arrival of Natural Koncept.


This kid came up on a Choppy deck.


Reilly barefoot blunt fakie.


Kays backside 180 kickflip off the launcher.


Reilly 5-0.


Group photo with the Tsunami posse.


JZ hit a car trying to park and had to make a fast get away. Cmart snapped this flick while everyone was waiting to get picked up several blocks away from the crime scene.


Trevor styled out this backside nosegrind. He also feebled this bench and feeble 180'd it like the raw dog he is.


JZ – drop in to dive roll – Pacific Beach.


Cmart with NK rat @ Adam Kragers crib.


Adam, Trevor, some chick, Majors & Brendan wasted with the NK rat.


Kays torn up.




Reilly sex change street gap – 2 blocks from Pacific Drive.


Trevor & the NK rat.

A big shout out to Arizona Iced Tea, Pull-In, and Drive In for their support on this tour!