Video by Blair Alley, photos by Cmart, words by JZ. Continued from Part 1.


Loretta’s Jaguar is badass. In fact, Trevor is supposed to fly back to Georgia next month to scoop it up! Nighttime posse photo shoot. Nice lighting Cmart!

Woke up to another blazin' hot summer day in Dalton, Georgia with a suprising urine odor in full effect. Apparently Bob Gnarly partied so hard he peed himself. NK should make Reilly signature bedpans for future tours. Loretta, owner of North Georgia Skatepark treated us to a delicious Hibachi style Japanese lunch. Filet mignon, shrimp, fried rice, and saki helped fuel us for our Chattanooga street sesh. Trevor smashed a steep backside wallie grinder, Brendan launched a 15-foot ollie off 3 into the street at the golden hour and Kays crept up on the aquarium fountain gap once the pigs left for the final clip of the day.


Loretta, from North Georgia Skatepark, let us stay at her mansion in Dalton, GA. (It’s also the birthplace of Jon Newport and the KKK). Anyway we had a backyard pool, a fridge full of steaks, and endless booze. Reilly late night hot tub photo shoot reppin’ NK tough.


First of all, the night before we were poolside til 4a.m. Brendan got maybe an hour of sleep and then went fishing with a local shredder from North Georgia Skatepark til noon. Then we linked up for lunch at the Japanese restaurant, drank some booze, and drove to Chattanooga to shred. It was 95 degrees out and the run up to this spot was crap. Lai Wing, no sleep launcher at the golden hour! Truly amazing.


The Delta Queen. Chattanooga, TN.


Loretta rocks! She hooked us with Domino’s pizza, money for gas, and double horns as we left for Atlanta. North Georgia Skatepark for life!

Next Stop—Atlanta. Davis bounced to Denver to handle some life hammer shit and Blair Alley arrived from S.D! The Ponder Wonder crew hooked up a ’69 Caddy Limo for the airport adventure. We hit the streets on the East Side of the ATL for some shredding before the shop signing.


Ponder Wonder’s 69′ Cadillac Limo and the NK posse.


Trevor rollin’ the dice for a spot in the Limo to pick up Blair Alley.


We picked up Blair Alley in style!


Reilly, low to high backside tailslide. East ATL.


JZ ollie bonk into the street. East ATL.


Jason, owner of Ponder Wonder was our amazing tour guide in Atlanta. (Photo: Blair)


Sean Reilly at the Atlanta Checkerboard spot. (Photo: Blair)


Majors and Cmart taking a break from the Hotlanta heat before a rainstorm sent us running for the shelter of the Clermont Lounge. (Photo: Blair)


JZ filming Chris Kays’ line at the Checkerboard. (Photo: Blair)

Reilly styled a back tail transfer on the ghetto graff low to high ledge and JZ gapped to the street. Seshed the checkerboard spot downtown with mad crackheads lurking—very entertaining. Kays noseblunt biggied the block and Mcelhaney threw it down heavy before the rainstorm led us to the legendary strip bar/stripper retirement home The Clermont Lounge. This place is so grimy we were told it's where strippers go to die. We walked away with souvenier T-shirts, visions of a fat 60-year old crushin' beer cans with her…use your imagination, and best of all a Natty Kon/Lamborghini collabo board on the wall for life! It was difficult to leave but the rain had passed and we had to be in Fredericksburg, Virginia (500 miles away) the next day by 4p.m. So we finished our last drinks with Jason and Oscar from Ponder Wonder, and put the pedel to the metal. Late into the night somewhere in North Carolina, a Reilly piss grenade exploded as it flew out the window sprinkling urine throughout the van.


The Clermont Lounge. It’s just as creepy inside as it looks from the outside. Since ’65!


Jason and Oscar from Ponder Wonder and the crew outside The Clermont Lounge with a signed Lamborghini/NK collabo deck for wall of fame inside the joint.


Sunburnt Reilly reppin’ crips? Trevor’s getting lost tally.


Waffle House is a way of life in the south.

Woke up to the owner of the Motel 6 trying to kick us out since it was 2p.m. and checkout was at 11a.m. We grubbed at the local diner (which had a smoking lounge) and arrived in Fredericksburg in time to set up new boards at Magic Bullet Skateshop before the demo. Lai Wing snapped the sickest 360 one-footer over the pyramid; Kays , JZ, and Trevor attacked the vert wall and McElhaney seshed the box. The best trick was a Reilly-influenced trampoline to vert wall contest. Kids were flippin' into the tranny, but short stack came through with a stylish drop to knee for the win.


The crew hanging in front of Magic Bullet in colonial Fredericksburg, Virginia. (Photo: Blair)


Cmart gettin’ a snack at Colonial Cupcakes. The poor kid working here had to dress up like George Washington. (Photo: Blair)


JZ frontside disaster on the sketchy vert wall.


Boner aka “Dolphin,” melon over UFC fighter “Yates.” (Photo: Justin Reiff)


Boner, frontside flip from tranny to tranny. Seriously gnarly.


Magic Bullet Skateshop x NK posse. (Photo: Kimberly Perez Morris)

The highlight of the day was local shredder "Boner" aka "Dolphin" crushin' it on and off his board. He shredded so hard everyone on the team agreed that Boner should get NK flow. Congrats Boner!

Our final demo of the tour was in Ocean City, Maryland. On the four-hour drive from Fredericksburg to the beach, Trevor practiced face tatts on Reilly while Gnarly got a dreadlock makeover. Lai Wing, Kays, JZ, Gnarly, Trevor, and Reilly seshed the new cement park while Mcelhaney and Majors kept it hood and skated the courts.

Jim, artist and owner of Swirled World Skate Shop, styled us out with a dope backyard spine ramp jam, BBQ, kegger, and bon fire/inferno. The flames were so high the tree branches 80 feet high were nearly catching on fire. Craze! Reilly pulled the trick of the day, a tree bonk nose grab to fakie from the over vert extension after slammin' so hard for nearly an hour straight. Bedpan is tough as F—k!


Swirled World Jim’s ramp. The entire posse skated the ramp ’til sunrise. The over vert extension where JZ is front rocking is the same spot Reilly pulled the tree bash to fakie. (Photo: Eric Attleson)


We spent the next day at the beach kickin' it at Swirled World. Blair, Majors, and Kays spent the afternoon chillin' at a hidden gem called Seacrets (Blair had been to this joint on an Emerica trip a couple years back). Plenty of eye candy and R&R.


Trevor, Lai Wing, Adrian, Bryan, and Reilly snatchin’ up chicks in front of Swirled World.


Kays and Majors getting a well-deserved tour break at Seacrets in Ocean City, Maryland. (Photo: Blair)


NK fans from New Jersey we met at Seacrets. (Photo: Blair)

We approached the bright lights of NYC by 11p.m, parked the van and skated directly to Sway for Morrissey night. The next three days and nights were filled with lots of skating and partying. The final day in NYC we started the party off at the Pull-In store with a few bottles of Moet before heading to Greenhouse for TransWorld SKATEboarding's Hallelujah NYC video premiere.


Trevor, Skate Lair’s Eric Munday, and Kays celebrating the end of the tour at Greenhouse, NYC.


Gnarly and Kays at the Hallelujah premiere.


One night we randomly got invited to skate a brand new ramp in an art gallery. The artist wanted the ramp to look “skated,” and then it was going to be hoisted up to the ceiling for the installation opening. Chris Kays, frontside air. (Photo: Blair)


Adrian McElhaney, backside 180.


Last day in NYC, the remaining crew that hung around in NYC kicking at the Pull-In store on Elizabeth Street. (Photo: Blair)

Thanks again to all of our sponsors for making this trip so epic: Tonino Lamborghini, Pull-In, Arizona Iced Tea, Undergrind, and Drive In Studio.