The Natural Koncept team is currently Creepin’ It Real on the East Coast (tour flier here) and CEO JZ just sent over this update with photos. Looks like they’re having a blast. I’ll be flying into ATL tomorrow to meet up and finish off the ride back up to NYC. Stay tuned to for more updates.—Blair

Photos by Cmart, words by the NK team


The crew: Adrian Mcelhaney, Bryan C., Bob Gnarly, Sean Reilly, Chris Kays, Dave Davis, Trevor Uriona, Brendan Leung flew into NYC Thursday afternoon, August 19 and an insane ramp jam at JZ’s crib took place. Reilly blunt-kickflipped out on a mini-cruiser board twice in a row. We skated the Con Edison banks late night. Hit up Times Square—crazy situation occurred—the cops roledl up screaming a murder/stabbing just took place four blocks away. It was immediate culture shock for everyone. Welcome to the Big Apple. Crashed out by 7a.m.


Chris Kays skating JZ’s loft in TriBeCa. Kickflip wallride.


Sean Reilly gettin’ blunted on a mini.


Trevor Uriona gets a back tail in JZ’s loft.


Bob Gnarly on a late night Con Ed session.


Brendan Leung, tailslide.


JZ kickflip back lips into the night.

5 hours later we were off to Enfield, CT to skate with Munday & the Skate Lair Crew. We’ve been coming to the Lair for the past 5 years—it’s money! Seshed the parking lot with the kids and thrashed the bowl inside the shop with the Lair posse. Adrian McElhaney caught a board to the face and busted his lip open—possible stitches needed, but whatever it’s an NK tour.


Skate Lair kids gettin’ wild.


NK x Skate Lair. Don’t f—k with Eric Munday and the Lair posse!


Stenciling up the Lair bowl.


The Katch1 piece from five years ago is still chilling.

Next stop Philly. Well, not really. On the way to Philly, Cmart mentioned that there was the illest spot in Princeton. So we veered towards the Ivy league college and Chris Kays and Bob Gnarly annihilated the college stadium bank channel. All we can say is Bob Gnarly went to Princeton.


By 2a.m. we were in Philly. Trevor made a phone call to Pete Eldridge and by 2:30 the private warehouse sesh was on! Kays & Brendan tore it up proper! Next day we cruised around downtown Philly, scoped Love Park, ate Philly Cheesesteaks, and due to the rain decided to begin the 10-hour drive to Knoxville, Tennessee.


Partied through that drive tough. Arrived in Tennessee with enough time to eat at Waffle House, finish the 90-pack of beers we bought in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Choppy Omega’s hometown), and catch six hours of sleep.

We arrived at North Georgia Skatepark in Dalton the following day by 4p.m. Mad kids, good vibes, and a super thrilling demo took place! It’s difficult to explain it in words—Reilly kicked it off breaking his board switch tre flipping the big 10, Davis landed a frontside flip over the Search for Animal Chin channel, than Adrian nollied the big 10. Trevor pulled a miller flip, Gnarly landed the big blunt down the big daddy hubba, JZ nailed his backside ollie on the vert wall, then Brendan hit his back tail over the channel to fakie. Kays swept a huge frontside ollie transfer to the vert wall—it was like bam, bam, bam, NK 4 Life—chillin’ poolside grillin’ steaks and drinkin brew. Five more days still left on the tour—Blair Alley flies into the ATL in 36 hours!


McElhaney and JZ hype the crowd in Georgia.


Dave Davis, Adrian McElhaney, and Majors.


Meet and greet with the fans.


NK is for the children.


Bob Gnarly’s dreads are gettin’ long!



Georgia skatepark.


The team was greeted with a NK cake!


Custom made NK hats. Catch them on the rest of the tour, Virginia, Maryland, and New York!

A big shout out to Tonino Lamborghini, Arizona Iced Tea, Drive-In Studios, Pull-in, and Undergrind for their support on this tour!