NaTuRaL KoNcEpT Invades Dalton

Story by Josh "JZ" Zickert
Photos by Paco & Shurika Kiuchi

Dalton, Georgia—located an hour northwest of Atlanta was once known as "the carpet capital of the world" before NK shredded that title on its recent tour this past June.
But before we get into the madness here are a few more interesting facts about Dalton:

1 – Jon Newport's birthplace.

2 – The KKK originated here (Adrian Mcelhaney mentioned on our last NK summer tour he could feel the history in his afro).

3 – The Wall Skatepark, owned by skater Ozzy Alvarez, was the sh-t until it closed in 2005. Ozzy Alvarez once linked up a G.G. Allin show in Dalton. Craze.

Fortunately Loretta Scriven opened up North Georgia Skatepark in 2006 and saved the day for the local skaters in Dalton. The park has a 30-foot wide mini and an editing studio where the groms can learn how to edit their own skate vids. DGK skated the park in early 2009, Kris Markovich popped in for a quick demo in March, and this trip makes NK's second appearance within the past 10 months.
Dave Davis, Trevor Uriona, Chris Kays, and myself spent five days chillin at Loretta's mansion grillin' stakes, swimming, and getting chauffered around in a Cadillac Escalade to skate Dalton, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.  This was truly a vacation. We visited the aquarium in Chattanooga, took the Jaguar for a spin, and drank beers poolside each day/night.

We did scoop footy for our upcoming NK video—Chris Kays tail drop backside flipped off a bridge into a sketchy bank for the super banger of the trip. In Atlanta we skated foundation, scoped Stratosphere, seshed Stevie Williams’ mini ramp, bombed hills downtown, hit up the stripbars—Tattletales and The Dollhouse (meant to hit up The Cleremont Lounge, but ran out of time), and finished the night off with more drinks, a late night swim in the condo pool, only to be escorted out by the security and a fierce bottle rocket war inside Jenny's apartment.

Mad props to Loretta for stylin' out the trip, Drunknmunky, Pull-in, Paco and Shurika Kiuchi for shooting the flicks. And Arizona Iced Tea for the drinks.