The NK team hit the East Coast, touring in support of its new video, Dysfunctional Family.

Here’s Part 1 in case you missed it. Read the story below as written by Sean Reilly and JZ. Peep the slideshow shot by the NK team.

By 1 p.m. we had burned out of Dalton, Georgia, blazing up the Great Smoky Mountains Expressway en route to Flipside Boardshop in Asheville, North Carolina. Halfway into the five hour drive, we pit stopped at the Mountain High Skatepark in Hayesville, NC for a quick sesh. When severe thunderstorms rolled in, Dave Davis was dry enough to grab the wheel, steer clear of several gnarly freeway accidents, and conquer the wettest leg of the drive. (con’t below slideshow)

Downtown Asheville had an unexpectedly rad hippy vibe, reminiscent of Boulder, Colorado. We scored some amazing coffee, chilled with locals at the shop and cruised over to the new Grindline park. Krista, Flipside's chief, warned us that the cops are lame and might enforce the helmet law, but we got lucky and the session went off. Everyone skated solid but Adrian's nollie flip into the Euro gap and Kays' backside 360 melon over the entire pyramid shut it down. With a bullhorn in hand, Chris from Flipside emceed the demo like a pro. The crowd was hyped—we threw out mad product and headed straight to the brewery where Flipside styled us out on endless pizza and beer. JZ scoped out a killer roof gap, Reilly no complied off a parking block to a four-foot drop—wasted. Ideally, we would've stayed and hit up the city's Friday night madness with the Flipside crew, but we settled for a 30 pack and hit the road. Around 3 a.m. we grabbed hotel rooms, more beer, and went from buzzin' to straight faded. C-lo kept the party poppin', Davis was wilin' out, getting mad rowdy, wrestling and headbutting Reilly until he got smashed in the nose and the hotel got a carpet full of blood. Davis was still dripping when the cops pounded on the door and we thought we were f—ked, but somehow JZ squashed it and the po-po left! The next day, the manager informed us that we're never allowed back at any Red Roof Inns. We flipped him off and jumped back on the freeway. We were met with more stormy weather before meeting up with Mark at Fred Skates, in Fredericksburg, Virginia a.k.a. Dope Facts City.

Dope fact 1: the world premiere of NK's Dysfunctional Family video took place in this historical town.
Dope fact 2: in 1862, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, "The Battle of Fredericksburg" took place here.
Dope fact 3: more than 350 buildings downtown date back to the 18th and 19th century.
Dope fact 4: if George Washington skated, Fredericksburg would've been his stomping grounds.
Dope fact 5: we purchased actual bullets used in the civil war at the shop next to Fred Skates.

Brandon Smithson, one of the Fred Skates rippers, kicked off the demo with huge stalefish transfers across the six-foot gap between the quarter pipes. Brendan Leung floated across the gap with a sick Japan grab to fakie. Trevor nollie noseslid the rail, Bob Gnarly bluntslid it, JZ blunted the twelve-foot extension and Adrian laced the sketchy flat bar with endless steezed out tricks. Reilly filmed and Davis kept the spectators and mothers entertained.

Apparently the park is supposed to be shut down at 7 p.m. The cops were upset and locked the gates so no one could leave! Mark explained to the cops that Natural Koncept was in town from Hawaii and they opened it up. We jetted back to the shop and drank beers and chilled. It was time to make a move so we hit up Wawa's for more beer and took the party to Mark's crib, scoped the Fred Skates video, got faded and crashed.

Grubbed an early breakfast at the crib and headed over to a skate camp 20 minutes away to sesh with the groms before driving to Pittsburgh for a shop signing. The drive took nearly six hours giving Reilly plenty of time to get sh-t-faced and puke all over himself in the van. We arrived at Head Boardshop a little late, but the groms were waiting and we tossed out free boards, T's, and videos for tricks. One of the MILFs kept buying rounds of drinks for us at the bar next to the shop and even tossed a few colonopins and oxycodones to Reilly. Party moms—gotta love 'em. It was raining so Shawn, the manager at Head Boardshop, took us to a covered treasureland spot! Gnarly nose grinded off a ledge into the tight bank and frontside pop shoved the hip perfectly. Trevor did a switch 5-0 to fakie, Brendan back tail fakied it, and Davis Muska flipped to face bounce. The footage looks sick with lightning in the background. We ate dinner at a chain restaurant/gas station called Sheetz—haha.

Drove late into the night drinking, smoking, and playin' c-lo. Kays comes up big. Grabbed a hotel and Davis and Trevor cooked up a Tabasco fire next to the sleeping Reilly. They woke him up screaming, "Get out, there's a fire!" Reilly had to lock himself in the bathroom to get sleep that night.

Woke up to the owner of the hotel giving us a five minute warning before calling the cops. Adrian drove the last 100 miles to Nieratko's skate shop in Sayreville, New Jersey. Steve, co-owner of NJ, hooked us up with some beer and food. We scoped the new TransWorld video, And Now, and then hit up the park for a session with the locals, who were mad cool and ripped.

We returned to New York City at midnight. JZ took the crew to a killer loft party with more hotties than we had encountered the entire tour. Everyone split up as the night moved on with the intention of meeting at the van by 11a.m. for our last demo in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Surprisingly, by 1p.m. we were driving through the Holland Tunnel en route to Akosm Skateshop, just 20 minutes from New York City. We arrived to launch ramps and flat bars set up in the street that was barricaded off by the police for the skate jam! A big shout out to Jeff, the owner of Akosm, for making this day pop off hard! It was rad—beers, bbq, crab cakes, and blunts wrapped up the day.

We spent the evening in NYC chillin' out at Lo's apartment in the L.E.S. neighborhood. Brendan pulled a switch drop in on a steep bank on the rooftop at sunset—it was somewhat frightening to watch but got us amped to jump back in the van and street skate NYC 'til 6 a.m. Everyone flew out the next day except Chris Kays, who's notorious for extending his trips to NYC, last time it was two months, this time just two weeks.

A big shout out to the entire NK crew for representin' hard on this trip!—Sean Reilly and JZ