If you were lucky enough to get past the long entry line, which wrapped around the block on Sunday night in L.A., Neckface’s Haunted House was a fun and colorful way to spend Halloween. There were far too many skaters present to mention, and some costumes were so good, the pros inside them were barely recognizable. Standouts not pictured here included Starbuck’s Server Andrew Reynolds, Danny Montoya as Andy Roy, and Sheik Scuba Steve to name just a few. You first had to walk through a haunted house filled with torture, ghouls, chainsaws and ghosts—which were made up of the extended Neckface family—cousins, brothers, sisters and father freaked out the visitors before they made it to the main room where Neck showed his art and a skate ramp was poppin’ off with a heated session. Pictured below are a few of the highlights.

One of the extended Neckface family cradles a creepy baby.

Creepy cousins play with some dolls. All this was more or less pitch black, with just enough light so you could see where you were walking.

Right when you walked past this table, Neckface’s dad appeared out of nowhere with a chainsaw.

Possibly an Aunty, it was hard to tell which were real and which ones were dummies, until they screamed at you.

Once you made it through the haunted maze, you mighta got shot by this guy—with a camera if you were lucky. Supreme’s Curtis Buchanan as Falling Down.

He was in a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop Ty Evans capturing all the madness with some new 3D contraption.

Altamont’s Justin Reagan and his wife Beth as very authentic Insane Clown Posse.

Reunited at last! Robin Fleming as Drew Barrymore from Scream and a semi-Beetlejuice Braydon Szfranski.

This one’s about as obscure as it gets, but films buff will appreciate the diversity: Tino “Tina Beyond Thunderdome Turner” Razo and Greg “Harry Dean Stanton as Travis Henderson, Paris, TexasHunt

A bloody sanitary pad, a skinhead Dylan Rieder, and Sammy Winter as an uncanny Ace Ventura.

Playing it cool as always, Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long as Teen Wolf.

Battle fatigued but still going strong: Chima Ferguson, Chris Pfanner and Nathan Jackson get down with Tupac.
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What are the chances?!! JT Rhoades and Sammy Winter battle for who wore it best as Ace Ventura.

A popular favorite: The Hangover.

SF OG’s Shelby Woods as a Bloody Blues Brother and Mike Carroll as Insane Clown Posse.

Terrorists in the house! Javier Nunez and the Al Skaeda posse.

Clint Peterson as the guy from the bus bench commercials.

Nike SB’s Hunter Muraira as a nerdy blogger with Drew Barrymore AKA Robin Fleming.

Supreme Tactical Assault Squad, Val, Ben, and Jeff on the lookout: Where’s the Al Skaeda?

Curator of the show Oh Wow’s Aron Bonderoff with some roadkill and Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord.

Bad Dad, but really a rad dad, Buddy Nichols of Six Stair fame takes a rest on the shrubbery.