Neff East Vs. West Shop Video Contest

Starting next Monday, November 1, in association with Neff will be launching the East Vs. West Shop Video Contest. In this unprecedented competition, we gathered 20 shop promos (10 shops from the West, and 10 from the East). The competition will run for six weeks with the sole winner being announced on December 15. Each battle will have a poll for users to vote on their favorite video. The winner will be chosen from a combination of user votes and the TransWorld staff. The winning shop will get $10,000 ($7,000 in cash, $3,000 in Neff product). Check out the brackets and dates below the trailer.

East — West

Nov 1: NJ Vs. Exit Real World
Nov 5: Black Sheep Vs. ZJ Boarding House
Nov 8: Dominion Vs. Armory
Nov 12: Vertical Urge Vs. Metro
Nov 15: Ambush Vs. Pharmacy
Nov 19: Endless Grind Vs. Cowtown
Nov 22: Faith Vs. Valsurf
Nov 26: Palace 5 Vs. Pawnshop
Nov 29: SPoT Vs. Active
Dec 3: Westside Vs. Pacific Drive