John Hales and his wife Ellis co-founded Board of Provo in 2004 with the intent of keeping his lifelong dream alive. Now that his shop is up and running, well respected, and a full decade strong John's dream is a reality. Growing up skating in the 80's gave John his passion, and now with Board of Provo he's supplying the passion of skateboarding to Provo, Utah.

Company Details

Founder: John Hales and Ellis Hales
Date Opened: August 2004
Number of Locations: 1
465 N University Ave., Provo, UT 84601
(801) 356-3185

Video Credits

Skaters: Gabe Spotts, Jordan Davis, Daniel Roman, Kaleb Hadlock, Josh Vega, Elijah Schmitt, CJ Johnson, and Shay Despain
Videography: Marcos Vega and Dustin Hill
Edited By: Dustin Hill

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