Owners Guido Silvestri and Rob Asselin made their runs in the industry for ten years before opening up Civil. You can bet this shop is doing it right. 2006 marked the grand opening of Civil's first location, and when the skate shops of Providence, Rhode Island went out of business, Civil came through and took over. With a third store opening up within the next few months, it's clear there isn't any stopping the true to the industry leaders of Civil.

Two owners worked at other shops for ten years, experience, 2006, shops went out of business in Providence, opened up shop there, opening another store within the next couple of months in South Rhode Island

Company Details

Founder: Guido Silvestri, Rob Asselin
Date Opened: July 1, 2006
Number of Locations: 2
Notable Skaters: Justin Healey, Nick Lane, Justin Souliere, Jay Poirier

86 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI, 02818 / East Greenwich, Rhode Island
(401) 886-5116

Video Credits

Skaters: Nick Lane, Justin Healey, Jay Poirier, Jr. Mint, John Nestor, Jordan Sivahong, Kyle Arruda, Andrew Rebelo, Seth Pernal, Justin Souliere, Greg Azar, Nolan McCaffery, and Matt Peters
Videography: Greg Mallozzi
Edited By: Greg Mallozzi

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