Cowtown Skateboards holds it down in Arizona as the state's home shop.  Prior to Cowtown opening in 1997, skateboarding in Arizona was desolate.  Now that the company has four locations with Nick Trapasso and Robbie Brockel to call Cowtown their home, this company has breathed life into Arizona skateboarding.  There's a reason why this shop already has a Brick and Mortar, watch their video and find out.

Company Details

Founder: Trent Martin, Ed Cox Jr
Date Opened: January 15, 1997
Number of Locations: 4
Notable Skaters: Robbie Brockel, Nick Trapasso, Danny Barrera, Steven Snyder, Chris Maalouf
5024 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85012 / Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 212-9687

Video Credits

Skaters: James Link, Justin Modica, CJ Barttlet, Brandon Steed, Brandon Roggeman, Jesse Plumb, Chris Maalouf, Josh Stinson, Auttiesh Danger, Ari Shiffrin, Jahir Carbajal, Hayden Burns, Quel Haddox, Danny Barrera, Larry Williams, Andrew Forrest, Donovan Nearing, Jalen, Steven Snyder, and Robbie Brockel
Videography: Brandon Steed
Additional Filming By: Whitey, Josh Metzger, Robert Sorich, Filmerfooty, Travis Adams.
Edited By: Brandon Steed
Original Music: Jonny Summers

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