Not knowing that Premier would ever be known outside of Michigan state lines, the shop is named to emulate Supreme.  This fact sheds light on the humble beginnings of the Premier store.  When you're affiliated with the likes of Josh Kalis, you can be proud on top of humble.  Opening in June of 2001, Premier has supplied the people of Michigan with quality skate goods for well over ten years.  Supreme would be satisfied to have their name next to Premier.

Company Details

Founder: Josh Higginson, Eric Blanding
Date Opened: June 1, 2001
Number of Locations: 1
Notable Skaters: Josh Kalis, Sean McMahon, Eli Potter, Auttiesh Danger
Fun Facts: The shop tried to have their name reflect Supreme not knowing they would be known outside of Michigan.
14 Weston St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 742-2660

Video Credits

Skaters: Braydon Kavanagh, Auttiesh Danger, Tico Restero, Joe Lanenga, Fausto Fernandez, Tyler Franz, Mike Hoag, Teddy Seeley, Eli Potter, and Sean McMahon
Videography: Braydon Kavanagh, Sean McMahon, and Auttiesh Danger
Edited By: Braydon Kavanagh and Joshua Higginson

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