With three locations and three full-length videos to match, Rukus Board Shop of Louisiana is going strong.  Rukus opened on April 1, 2000, and they ain't no joke.  Unlike a lot of other shops, Rukus has had a shop team since day one and they've kept it real ever since.  The proof is in the footy.  Watch their video and be a fan of 103 life.

Company Details

Founder: Ronnie Saurage, Kenneth Smith
Date Opened: April 1, 2000
Number of Locations: 3
Notable Skaters: Jordan Trahan, Garrett Young, Christian Willis, Christian Dufrene, Daniel Barousse
103 life”

5601 Jones Creek Rd., Baton Rouge, LA, 70817
(225) 755-3970

Video Credits

Skaters: Kolemann Reed, Adam Barousse, Daniel Barousse, Garrett Young, Cameron Mauer, Christian Willis, Weston Montgomery, Ronnie Boyde, and Nick Graciana
Videography: Cale Saurage
Additional Filming By: Ian Rosales, Matthew Green, Devin Chriss, Bobby McCutchen, Eric Ryan, Weston Kruse
Edited By: Cale Saurage

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