If you haven't heard of Skate Park of Tampa, maybe it's time for you to be introduced to skateboarding.  Home of the contest of all contests, or session of all sessions, SPoT can be described as the mecca of skateboarding.  SPoT's shop opened up in 1993, and its location requires no description to fluff it up.  Peep the video and have some respect.

Company Details

Founder: Brian Schaefer
Date Opened: 1993
Number of Locations: 2

4215 E. Columbus Dr., Tampa, FL, 33605
(813) 621-6793

Video Credits

Skaters: Eric McKenney, Robby Kirkland, Alejandro Brunell, James Cobb, Clive Dixon, Abdias Rivera, Jereme Knibbs, Unce Sam Bellipanni, Markus Jalabur, and Dylan Perry
Videography: Frank Branca
Additional Filming By: Joe Pelham
Edited By: Frank Branca

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