News February 2006

Crossing The Globe

Young Aussie Shane Cross has been pulling his weight alongside his heavy-hitting Flip teammates, and now he’s joined the Globe roster.

All In At Fallen

The wall-climber who’s never short of a smile, Tony Cervantes is fully on with Fallen footwear. Terell Robinson has been on a killing spree and is now on Fallen flow.

New Jamie Thomas Part

Reason To Believe Video Premiere

Reason to Believe is an independent video project by Joel Dembowski that is centered around the skate scene in the southeastern United States. Alongside local Alabama skaters Justin Holmes, Peter Karbonen, and James Hardy, the video features full parts from Ben Gilley, Pat Rakestraw, and Jamie Thomas.

Reason To Believe has received tons of support from Birmingham, Alabama-based skate shop Faith Skate Supply, as well as Zero, Black Label, Destructo, and Fallen Footwear. The Reason To Believe premiere was on November 4 and also acted as a fundraiser to help pay hospital bills for one of the featured skaters, Justin Holmes, who is recovering from a brain hemorrhage and amnesia as a result of a head injury he suffered during the last few weeks of filming.

Justin was in attendance at the premiere and has nearly made a complete recovery. Contact Faith Skate Supply or Black Box distribution for information on obtaining this video.

Faith Skate Supply

2000 16th Ave. South

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 326-6670

Au Revoir Osiris

One of the funniest dudes on and off his board, Louie Barletta, is also off Osiris, and rumored to be on DuFFS. On that same note, Brandon Turner and Osiris have mutually parted ways.

Raymond Molinar is now assembling his earth-tone kits with RVCA clothing.

Jason Lee T.V.

Coming soon to your boob tube, Stereo TV! Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, and the whole gang will host a 70s-themed comedic variety show. Check your local listings. Did you see when J. Lee hosted Saturday Night Live back in November? Yep, the only thing slicker than J. Lee’s career right now are Stereo’s slick bottom boards that they’re resurrecting. Keep an eye out for Spectra Sound Slicks, and pretend the 90s never left.

Sheck On Deck: At fifteen years old, Ryan Sheckler is the youngest pro to receive a signature shoe. Since turning pro in 2003, he’s won the LG Championships, Slam City Jam, Vans Triple Crown, X Games, and the Gravity Games-not bad for a kid who can’t even drive yet. His etnies pro model will be out this spring.

While quite nomadic in his personal life, Ali Boulala has at least settled down with a shoe sponsor. He’s now on etnies.

Jose Rojo is steadily on the road to recovery. He’s also on Elwood.

J-Lay Getting Paid

We predicted it last month and now it’s for real. After steady crushing in the ’05, man am Johnny Layton is pro.

Call Him TM Satva

Ex-pro, DJ, and video producer, Satva Leung, is now going to be team managing Ricta and Mob Grip. Satva’s one of the best dudes in the game-those teamriders are stoked.

Celebs For Shred Sleds

Over 900 celebs and the like came out to the Tony Hawk Foundation’s annual fundraiser Stand Up For Skateparks. Brian Sumner, Kenny Anderson, P Rod, and Joey Brezinski did a private street demo, while Tony, Bucky Lasek, and Bob Burnquist handled demo duties on vert. Tinseltowners in awe included Lisa Kudrow, Marlee Matlin, Jon Fogerty, Michael Rapaport, Anthony Kiedis, Flea, and Jacob Dylan. The event was co-chaired by Sean Penn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Pharrell Williams, David Spade, Jon Favreau, Stacy Peralta, and Mat Hoffman. The Adio booth was giving out free shoes for all who wanted them. The event raised over 700,000 dollars for the THF and its mission to help low-income communities build quality public skateparks.

DC’s Groundbreaking New Video

DC’s Groundbreaking video in shops now

DC’s film crew documented the Kettering Skate Plaza from start to finish and will unleash brand-new skate footy from it. You’ll also learn how to make a plaza happen in your city. Retailing for only three bucks and change, a portion of the profits will be donated to the Skate Plaza Foundation. With commentary by Rob Dyrdek himself, it’s entertainment guaranteed.

News From Cincinnati

Born-again skate enthusiast James Kelch has gone bleached blond and is skating like it’s ’91 at Embarco all over again. Only a video of Krooked proportions could have legends like Kelch and Sean Sheffey filming feverishly.

Heddings Convicted

After nearly two years of incarceration, Neil Heddings’ trial finally finished and he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of his son Marcus. His sentence is yet to be determined.

It seems every month we’re toasting the birth of a new baby among our brethren. Well then, let’s not break our streak: Blueprint’s Scottish king Colin Kennedy and wife Caroline welcomed their baby girl Evie Rose into the world on October 25. Cheers, let the bagpipes blare.

The Overheards By Nate Sherwood:

“What’s up? You don’t know how to spell Sk8mafia?”-Peter Smolik to Blair Alley referring to the Park Spotting in our November issue-it was spelled Skate Mafia

“Forget buying it, just lease it, then take the extra 30 grand you have left and dump it into Motorola. I’m telling you, the stock is about to go through the roof.”-Rob Dyrdek advising Eric Stricker on the purchase of a Lexus

“And people think skaters have flair-look at this shit!”-Ronson Lambert watching the new Diplomats video

“Now he’s been saying hi to me at the club-that means we’ve definitely been seeing way too much of each other.”-Seu Trinh on Patrick Melcher

“Your husband was like the first person to do one on street-you better know what they look like.”-Eric Stricker to Desiree Hensley inquiring about a backside noseblunt-slide photo

“Yeah, man, that’s why I didn’t take the roll. That would be me sitting there on that cover.”-Nick Lockman about why he turned down a role in the film Ken Park

“It’s a thin line between love and Nate.”-Nate Sherwood after posing with the October Pinup Of The Month for

“Man, I was at the Oceanside park, and every kid there looked like he was from ’83.”-George Crosland

“Nate, you son of a bitch, this is Ryan Smith. I’m inebreskated and pissed off. Call me back and put me in your column. Here’s what I want in print: ‘Nate Sherwood drives like a drunk Nascar racer but can tell you more about the Ming dynasty and Sun Tzu than most people in China.'”-Ryan Smith’s voicemail after he and Nate had a two-hour talk about the significance of The Art Of War by Sun Tzu and how it relates to skateboarding in modern times

“She weighed in at nine pounds, two ounces-just shy of Foreman’s weight prior to the Rumble in Zaire.”-Colin Kennedy on the birth of his daughter

“I think there need to be fewer gay, vampire pirates and more Peter Smoliks in skateboarding today.”-Dave Vey