We would need to add a hot model, buckets of paint and maybe a dog dressed up like a cat to make Dane’s 360 flip into an Insight ad, but it’s still real sick (photo: Dave Chami).

Breakout Dane Burman just got on Insight, the company I love unconditionally for their fanciful ads alone, so we caught up with him about his move…

You're officially on Insight. You were on Fallen Apparel, but now you're just wearing the shoes. Let's pretend that Fallen and Insight were two different people. Could you describe the personal qualities of each person that made you want to spend less time with Fallen and more time with Insight?

I left Fallen apparel because I ride for Fallen shoes. I need to spend my time with more than just one friend. I can’t hang out with my old mate Fallen all the time, although he is very nice to me. Mr. Insight came along and he offered me a whole other world of things to do and mischief to get into, so now I have a new friend to kick it with.

Insight ads are known for being very unique. They're not just skate tricks, they're like art projects. So, I'm going to present two ideas I had for Insight ads and I want you to tell me which you would rather do and why.

1) You have to skate a round bar bent into the shape of an infinity symbol. The photo will be shot from above and the cement ground will be littered all around with home phone receivers and their cords. You will have to wear one of those baby harnesses on your front and inside will be a "little person" that looks quite similar to yourself. He will be faced toward you, so that you are looking directly at him while you do your trick. Then, you will have to 50-50 around at least half of the infinity symbol round bar.*

2) You're dressed in a full body suit fashioned from pieces of a computer and you are nosegrinding down a tree that is set up over a pit filled with the kind of ceramic bric-a-brac that old people always have in their house. It's raining.**

I think I’d have to go ahead and say I want to be stuck on an infinite 50-50. It's one of the only tricks I feel comfortable with and I love the feeling of grinding. And, I wouldn't mind finding and knowing myself either. Can I keep the mini me in a jar afterward?

You had a breakout part in Zero's Strange World. Did you know you were going to get a part?

Umm, that's a funny story. I'd spoken to Jamie [Thomas] on the phone and via emails and he’d convinced me to try to save some money up to get out to the States and try to film some tricks and see if I could get anything good enough for one of the montages in the video. Then, I won this competition and bought my ticket. When I got there I just begged to go out skating and filming every day. Every time I’d get a trick I’d just joke around and say, "Log that into the computer for my part” and Greg [Robinson, the old Zero TM] would always go, "You're not having a part…ha ha." Then, once I’d gotten a few tricks I started asking [Ben] Gilley if I could share a part with him 'cause when I was a kid, it was Gilley that made me wanna jump on the rails. So, I would've been hyped to have a part with him. Then, by the time I’d spent like nine months in the States I had a few minutes of footage and I ended up with my own part. I had to go home about a month before the premier in the States, due to Visa problems and I missed the world premiere.

Who did you watch it with in Australia?

I went to the Australian premiere here and just had a mellow night with some friends—didn't really have the best night, but whatever.

You ended up skating to "The Masque" by The Dark, but initially you wanted to skate to the Ghostbusters theme song. In hindsight, would you really have wanted to skate to the Ghostbusters song, or was that just to be a smart ass?

I really wanted to skate to Ghostbusters. But, then I saw Mark Suciu skated to it and he's way better than me, so it kinda blew it out for me. But, then I wanted to skate to "Gimmie that Nut" by Eazy-E. I threw a few other song ideas at Jamie, too, like some Nick Cave songs and stuff, but nothing really seemed to fit. Then, Jamie emailed me, like three days before the premiere with that song. I was pretty over choosing songs, so that one sounded cool. I think it turned out pretty cool.

Do you have any projects coming up? Any other weird song ideas for those future video parts?

Well, I got nothing really. I'm filming for a few homey videos back here. Fulfill the Ook and Heavy Stats. I guess we’ve got a year for the next Zero video, so I wanna get another part together for that, too. I’m sure if I put my mind to it, I can think of more shit songs for Jamie to say no to.

You're known for walking the line of amazing/annoying/awesome/unbearable/loveable asshole. What do you think is the best thing you've done that you intended to do to piss people off? What do you think is the worst thing that you've done that you intended to do to help someone else out?

Well, I kept up with some pretty harsh stuff about Garrett Hill's sister when I saw how good she looked from a picture on his phone. I was saying some mean shit about her, about vodka and being tied up… and he was none to happy about that. He was so none to happy that he stabbed me in the arm. It was all in good fun and it was probably called for. Garry and I are still mates. That was one of the better things I’ve done to piss someone off. Ummm, I…ohh the other day I tried to hook my friend up with this girl and he got all angry at me about it. She was a sprouter too, but he’s really shy, so he didn't like me putting him on the spot. But, yeah, he was pissed, even though I was trying to help.

*Significance: the universe is merely an infinitesimal string of humans trying to find themselves by communicating with the outside world, in vain (i.e. the phones not connected to a base), when, in fact, a "little you" is directly in front of their face…skateboarding.

**Significance: Will technology allow us, as humans, to advance (signified by your awesome nosegrind over the chasm) or is it only bullshit bric-a-brac that we collect, which is leading to the death of our planet…skateboarding?