Kickflip 50-50. Photo: Cameron Strand.

Kickflip 50-50. Photo / STRAND

Forrest Edwards and Jamie Thomas each discuss Forrest getting dropped from Zero the same week they produced his "Black Jesus" pro board last month.


I was just calling to see if you had anything to say about what had happened with Zero.
I just got kicked off dude.

When did this happen?
Just like a month ago.

Just out of nowhere? Did they just call you up?
Nah. My pro boards were gonna come out. But he (Jaime Thomas) just bought 'em all. So he has like all my pro models and he kicked me off.

Jamie bought the boards just to cover the cost or something?
Yeah. He has all the pro models but then they kicked me off.

Some of the status updates on your Facebook looked pretty harsh. Are you doing all right?
I'm all right. I'm fine.

Was there any reason for it? Did you guys have beef or something?
He just said that I was too hard to work with and stuff.

Do you have any plan now? For people that are fans, are you looking for another board sponsor?
I don't even know dude. I guess I just go skate every day. That's all I do.

I was sorry to hear about it man.
It's all right. It ain't nothing. It's just a part of life you know.

I just saw it today and hadn't heard so I figured I'd see what happened?
How did you hear about it?

It's in the Thrasher news column.
Oh really?

Yeah. It's in the news. Everybody was just wondering what happened.
Oh shit. (I read Forrest the news blurb). They just making things up now. There's nothing much to say except I got kicked off. Someone else asked me earlier if I wanted to do an interview but there's not much more to say than that.

I think people just want to find out what happened?
Then they should find out from Jaime (Thomas).

Is it true that you're riding Baker boards?
I was. I did. But I was kicked off. So it doesn't even matter what I skate now.

All right, well sorry to hear about it either way. Hang in there dude.
You too man.




Hey Jamie. I just wanted to see what happened with this Forrest situation. I just saw it today so I was curious what had happened.
You saw what?

Just that he was off.
Where did you see it?

I guess it ran in the Thrasher news. And somebody posted that to the Slap boards. I talked to Forrest. He hadn't seen it either. He didn't really have too much to say about it. Do you have any kind of official statement about it?
Well, he never really got on, so there's not really anything to say besides we tried it and it didn't work. That's pretty much it.

He said it came down to him "being hard to work with." Is that about it?
Yeah. I don't want to say anything negative about Forrest or make it hard for him to find another sponsor or do anything. We just flowed him, we tried to make it work, and it just didn't work out.

People were talking about these boards that got made (Forrest's "Black Jesus" pro model). Was that just a timing thing?
Well, we hoped that it was going to work but in the end it did not.

How many boards got made?
I don't really want to talk about it because I feel like everybody is going to come to their own conclusions anyways. I feel like everybody is going, "Where are the boards? What happened to the boards?" Everyone will have their own official version of what they think happened. I just want to say as little as possible. I don't feel like it's positive for the brand, or positive for Forrest. I think people in the news channel get something out of it but Zero and Forrest get nothing out of it. If someone were to ask me I would say, "It just didn't work out." I'm sorry I don't have more of a story.

Yeah. I'm sorry if I'm being the gratuitous tabloid press guy too. I just wondered what happened.
We're changing gears and we're focusing on our up and coming ams. I'm trying to work with those guys and I don't want to have this big cloud of Forrest overshadow the things we are doing that are positive. It definitely wasn't some kind of personal conflict or anything like that. We tried it and it didn't work. Basically, it was me calling him and telling him, "Yeah, this isn't working." That was pretty much the end of it.

Hopefully he finds something else.
Yeah. The only reason Thrasher knew about it was because we had a video part that we were trying to work on with him, to introduce him. We were working on that with Forrest and when I realized it wasn't working out and made that decision I had to call Thrasher and tell them. I didn't call them to tell them the news or anything; it was just to let them know we weren't doing the part. That we had planned for something and now it wasn't going to happen. It was really as simple as that.