Words by Kevin Duffel

In a surprise move that, well, didn’t surprise anyone, Habitat turned Austyn Gillette–AKA “let me do retardedly hard tricks at Mach 1 billion speed”–pro. We felt fairly bad for most pros after watching his beyond proper am part in Habitat’s Origin, so goddamn, we’re gonna feel really bad for every pro when he drops his debut pro part. Here’s what the kid whose skating is as wise beyond his years has to say about it all.

What’s it like entering the pro ranks at 19?
It feels a little strange [laughs]. I didn’t think it would happen for a long time, so it caught me a bit off guard.

How’d you find out you were turning pro?
I got an email from Joe Castrucci [creator of Habitat] with my debut board graphic a few weeks ago, asking if I liked it.

Is your mom nice and proud?
I think so [laughs]. I talked to her about it within the past week and she was pretty excited.

In your Vice Versa Interview, you said you would spend your first pro paycheck on starting a coffee shop in your area. Now that you’ve probably put a nice check in the bank, have you made any entrepreneurial efforts?
The idea of starting a coffee shop has been brewing in my mind, but it’s going to be a bit before I put all my time into a coffee shop. My main focus is skating right now. It would be ideal to have a little business set up while skating, but I know it’s gonna take a lot out of me, so I’m gonna keep it on ice for a bit until I get the itch.

A couple kids on Facebook wanted to know if you shave with Gillette razors. I know it’s not the most original question out there, but the kids wanna know: Do you?
I don’t have a thick beard, but when I do shave I use Schick razor blades [laughs].

Any large stature females running to your every whim now that you’re pro, or is the luck with the heavy-set ladies pretty much the same as when you were am?
The plus size ladies are at a halt [laughs]. I think I said I would engage in some fat woman loving before I passed away.


Austyn Gillette’s three debut pro model Habitat boards.

Who came up with the graphics for your boards? Did you have input? Why the lemur?
That would be Joe Castrucci. He is the man behind the whole operation. As for the input, yeah I had a little bit, but I like to leave it up to Joe. It’s a little weird seeing your name on a board and trying to give input, so I thought it was best to leave it in his hands. I don’t think there was any significant reason for the lemur.

Also, it’s pretty awesome that you’ve got a pro-model cruiser board. How’d that come about?
There’s nothing like having a cruiser board to ride around the town on, so I pushed pretty hard for one. I didn’t think it was going to happen, but I’m hyped that worked out.

You have three pro model boards out, which is pretty crazy. Are you going to have a pro shoe on Habitat Footwear as well?
I have no clue. I think to get a shoe, it takes a lot of work, and to tell you the honest truth, I wouldn’t think I deserved it if it did pop up.

When can we expect your debut pro video part? Working on anything right now other than pro-status three foot tall switch backside flips?
It’s gonna be a while but its definitely in the works. A pro commercial should be out soon though. We shall see.

Austyn Gillette’s part in Origin.

We’re gonna be giving away a couple of Austyn’s new boards. To win, post your top five tricks from his Origin part in the comments!