Words by Kevin Duffel

When Emerica initially announced that there was gonna be an all new online Brandon Westgate part, little did we know it would come in the form of a mind-melting, downhill-pushing digital banger equally gnarly to his recent Stay Gold onslaught. After watching Westgate roundhouse kick the shit out of the traditional skate video format we once knew so well–in a mere four months at that!–we had some questions. He thankfully obliged.

Westgate’s new Emerica part: another nail in the coffin for skate DVDs everywhere.

How long did you work on your new part for?
I think I officially started in October.

Was there any leftover footage from Stay Gold, or is it all new shit?
There was some left over stuff; that’s how it started. I thought it was gonna be just a clip and it turned into a part.

It seems like you filmed most of the S.F. footage in a few days. What do you like so much about skating out there?
Well, there was no snow [unlike home in Massachusetts], and I just like skating the spots out there. It’s totally different from anywhere else.

How do you feel about your part being strictly online?
It’s fine. If I worked a lot longer on it, that might suck.

Like Dylan’s part a while back, it’s not like this footage is throwaway. Was it hard at all for you knowing that a part equally as gnarly as your Stay Gold one was just going online?
Yeah. Online sucks. But it wasn’t a team video; it was just a clip. It would be weird buying a DVD for a couple minutes [of footage].

Do you wish it was on DVD at all?
Maybe for me so I could have it just to maybe look back at it one day.

How do you feel about the move to online parts in general?
It definitely sucks because you really bust your ass and it’s on the Internet one day, and the next it’s gone. It just brings the fun out of the whole video process. You can’t buy it to collect, there’s no premiere. The Internet just turns things into kind of a joke.

What was up with throwing that Leo Romero clip into the part, but nobody else from Emerica? Are you backing him the most out of everyone?
Leo was on the trip skating the spot with me–other than that, it was pretty much just [Jon] Miner and me skating and filming. Plus it was f–king bad ass.

Now that this part’s out, are you filming for anything else, or are you just taking it easy for a bit?
I don’t have a project at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll find one. I try to kinda film as much as possible. It feels good to get a trick you’re stoked on, especially when the filmer’s stoked on how he filmed it.