Words by Kevin Duffel, photo by Herman Jiminez

With little more than a simple omission from the Stereo Website’s team page, Danny Supa silently parted ways with the company that was kickin’ him boards for the past few years. No crazy press releases–just one day on, another day off. Soon thereafter, BLVD announced on the Internet that they had recently added a new pro. Guess who? Read Danny Supa’s newsHIT interview to learn how everything went down.

You’ve always been a loyal guy-what happened between you and Stereo?
It was a number of things, but it basically came down to they couldn’t support me financially, so I had to leave. But it was kind of mutual because me and Chris [Pastras] were having some differences. I don’t want to get in to it too much, but basically we just both agreed that I shouldn’t ride for Stereo. We’re still boys and all that shit-it’s still cool.

Did Stereo’s move to a new distribution spark some of that?
Actually I kind of knew they were moving to a new distribution but I didn’t know who it was or anything, but I knew they were having meetings and stuff. And basically they just kinda kept it from me, so that’s sort of how we went. I was like, “That’s cool. You guys got new distribution. Hopefully things will get done on time now, so more power to you.” I have all the respect for Jason [Lee] and Chris in the world, but I just felt like I’d be better on a different company any way.

Did you quit before the talks of the new distribution?
I actually made a phone call to someone and I told Chris Pastras that I was going to leave if I got a better offer. But at the time, the company I was talking to wasn’t able to do anything. Basically, I didn’t quit at all. I called another company because I had friends over there and was like, “Look things aren’t really working out at Stereo. What’s up?” They were like, “Look, things are slow right now and we’d love to do it but we just can’t right now.” So I was like, “All right cool. I’ll stay on Stereo until I find something.” I just didn’t really feel at home with Stereo. I have mad love for Benny [Fairfax] and Clint [Peterson] and the whole team but just the way things were going inside the whole company, I didn’t feel like it was pushing my skating.

So are you still on HiFi wheels then?
No, I just don’t want to deal with them-money-wise or team-wise or anything. I would just rather be there in the park and skate with them or go have a drink with them. I’m getting a new wheel sponsor. That’s in the works too.

You once said “I’m not gonna just be on a company with random people. I want to be on a company with people I like, that’s what skating is about.” Did you feel like Stereo got a bit too random for you with all the recent additions?
Yeah basically, that was the thing. They were hiring people I wasn’t getting along with and people who weren’t on point. We would get random amateurs thrown on the tour with us when we were going somewhere and we’re like, “All right sick, this guy’s gonna just jump in the van with us?” Nah, f-k that. That’s not gonna work. Kids that we didn’t want on, they didn’t get on, but some kids just got on and I was like, “I thought this was a team thing? But obviously it’s not and I can’t just like tell you how to run your company, so I’m just gonna move on with a company that can progress.”

How’d getting on BLVD come about? Why go with Danny Montoya and Rob G?
I’ve known [Team Manager] Jason Maxwell for like sixteen years now. And Danny and Rob-it was a no-brainer-because we’ve known each other for ten years and get along really good. Every time we see each other it’s nothing but smiles and they just wanna skate and have fun. That’s what I wanna be all about-not partying all night and not skating. I wanna just go out and skate and those guys are pushing me. It just feels right.

What are you going to do with all the footage you’ve been saving for the Stereo video? Is BLVD working on something?
I had that all yanked from Stereo and [I] pretty much got it all. I got some footage that I kept for Nike with other filmers and the rest of the stuff is going to Arnette and BLVD. I’m psyched. I’m going to be putting out a lot more photos. I got lazy for a little bit and now I’m just back on the ball. That’s what I’m gonna tell people. I’m just going to shut up and skate.