newsHIT Interview: Is That Really Jose Rojo On The Cover Of NATV?


When you throw a bunch of random crap into a mixing bowl, you can never really be too sure of the outcome. It can either be a potpourri of tantalizing flavors, like some sort of accidental Top Chef contender, or a complete pile of utter, steaming garbage. So, when we spliced together the faces of all five skaters from Not Another TransWorld Video for the cover art, we were alarmingly surprised at our creation’s resemblance to Jose Rojo. Did Jose sneak into our offices and stealthily put himself on the cover? Was this some strange NASA conspiracy or subliminal message, telling us that if you take equal parts Kremer, O’Neill, Judkins, Manderson, and Beasley, you secretly get the skating of Jose Rojo? Who knows. What I do know, though, is that we weren’t the only ones drawing the connection. Heath Kirchart, Patrick O’Dell, and even Jose himself have pointed it out. As such, we decided to go to the source and ask the most pressing question of our times: is that really Jose Rojo on the cover of NATV?

Words by Kevin Duffel, portrait courtesy Rob Brink/etnies

I’ve noticed on Twitter and Instagram that a lot of people have been joking around, saying that the Not Another TransWorld Video cover art looks like you. So, I think a lot of people have been wondering, is that actually you on the cover?
What’s actually funny is I went out skating with a buddy of mine a couple months ago, and he was like, “Dude, are you in that new TransWorld video?” I was like, “No, why?” He was like, “Shit, there’s like a picture of you on the cover of the video.” I was like, “Shut up.” And then he showed me, and it was that portrait of everybody’s face–like everyone’s piece of face. Then I ran into Patrick O’Dell at the TransWorld Awards, and Patrick’s like, “Dude, check this out. You look just like the cover of the video.” I was like, “Oh man, I’ve heard that quite a few times already.” I just think it’s funny, because I guess it kinda does in a way. I can see the resemblance, you know [laughs]?

What facial feature do you think makes people think of you? The eyes? Mouth? Nose?
Probably the eyes and the mouth, for sure. I thought it was funny though, more than anything.

Skin Phillips: It’s not that you’re an ugly cunt.
F–k you [laughs].

“I ran into Patrick O’Dell at the TransWorld Awards, and Patrick’s like, ‘Dude, check this out. You look just like the cover of the video.'”

It’s definitely a weird looking creature, though.
It is, for sure. But it kinda looks like me, which is actually f–king creepier [laughs].

So do you think that’s jacked? Like, people are saying you’re creepy looking or something?
No, not necessarily.

Maybe there’s some sort of hidden message, kind of like if you play Led Zeppelin backwards or something. Like maybe if you put these five dudes together, you get the skating of Jose Rojo?
Or maybe it’s like a subliminal message for the next video–maybe I’ll have a part in the next video [laughs].

Yeah, who knows? Maybe it’s a premonition. Some sign from the higher powers telling us we should put you in. Like, “Look what you had with this one, look what you could have with the next one…
Exactly. Like, “Yeah, that looks like Jose Rojo. Why don’t we put him in the next video?” That’d be f–king awesome. That’s what I’m hoping it is. Talk to some people. Get the word out there. I’m down [laughs].

Exactly. Then we could just put your face on the next cover.

Have you watched the video yet?

Whose part was your favorite?
Well, the obvious answer’s gonna be Nestor [Judkins], just because I like how Nestor skates; he skates really cool stuff and makes everything look good. But, Mike Anderson was f–king awesome. That trick he did–the ollie up to backside noseblunt really quick on the bank thing–was one of the sickest things. And then Wes Kremer’s part was off the hook. That was one of my favorites as well.


Heath Kirchart saw the resemblance and Instagrammed it right away.

So, if you could choose one of those features from the NATV face, which would you choose? Nestor’s chin? Manderson’s eyes?
I’ll go for Nestor’s chizzled chin.

Besides looking like the cover art, what else have you been up to?
Just skating, actually. I’ve been trying to get some stuff done and film for this enjoi video that we’re working on.

When’s that supposed to come out?
I’m not really sure, but our deadline is pretty soon, I think. It’ll probably be out randomly, so that should be pretty cool.

You just recently got engaged too, right?
Yeah, I did, with my longtime girlfriend. We’re probably not going to get married until next year, but it was pretty cool. We’ve been dating for a little over six years now.

Anything else you wanna say?
Oh, what’s up with that next video [laughs]?