Frontside Nosegrind. Photo: Blair

Words by Kevin Duffel

A new daughter isn’t the only recent change in JT Aultz’s life. The rad dad now has Osiris covering all his orthopedic needs, as well as young Lucy’s exorbitant diaper expenses. There really isn’t a better baby shower gift than that, is there?

How long has it been since you’ve been without a shoe sponsor now?
About eight months to a year.

What were you doing the whole time? Were you out buying shoes?
No, I’ve had some friends hook me up. I know some people who work for other shoe companies. And Vox was still giving me shoes. And Cuong [Osiris TM] was giving me Osiris too. I also got some Deklines.

What happened over at Vox?
All my friends just sort of quit. There was some more to it with the ownership, too. Everyone who started the company ended up quitting. And then half the team quit. I just didn’t know anybody in the office anymore, so I ended up quitting too. It didn’t feel like it was when it started.

This Osiris thing has been in the works for months now, right?
Yeah, I’ve been kinda talking to those guys since Vox, actually-since before I quit. A while back I talked to them real quick about it, and they said they wanted to do it. So in the back of my head I kind of had that—still hoping it was going to work out.

Why’d you choose Osiris out of everything? Did you have other offers?
Yeah, I had two other companies I was talking to, but I really didn’t know anyone on the teams. It’s so much easier to go on trips with people you’ve been traveling with. It’s more incentive to wanna ride for someone when you’re friends with everyone on the team. And I was also already skating the shoes because Cuong was hooking it up. I liked them, so it just made more sense than anything else.

Have you been on any trips with Osiris yet?
Not really. I’m about to go on one for two weeks up to Arizona, which is going to be my first one. I went up to Corey [Duffel’s] house for a week with some of the riders. I wasn’t on the team yet though. I just kinda snuck in the van.

How did all the DLX guys take the move? It’s just funny that you’re the only guy on Real—a total S.F. based company—who’s also on Osiris, which is completely San Diego based.
They’re psyched on the whole thing. Vox was [San Diego based] too, it just didn’t look like it as much. I guess it’s because Osiris has the background from the 90s and stuff—with having all San Diego riders and stuff. But, no, they were super stoked on it.

Any pro shoe in the works?
Yeah, we’re working on a colorway right now, and then talking about starting to work on something for next year.

Some kids thought that Osiris was adding Ronnie Creager to the team after they saw your old throwback footage tape. Was that flattering?
Yeah, I saw Creager and [Tom] Penny comments. But for Penny it doesn’t make sense because he’s regular footed, but I guess he could do all that shit switch.

Were you stoked on the comparisons at least?
Yeah, for sure. It’s funny too, because I got a couple comments for Penny and I was super into Penny when I was younger. That’s why I had that haircut. I think it was all my haircut for that, but the Creager one, I thought was funny for sure. That was a compliment.

Which of those two dudes would you rather have on the team alongside you?
Probably Creager. I’ve never actually met Penny, but I’ve skated with Creager and he’s insane and cool as f—k, so I’ve gotta say Creager.


JT and longtime friend and Osiris filmer Jim Kappel in the TransWorld Park. Expect to see some features with JT very soon. Photo: Blair