newsHIT Interview: Mark Suciu On Habitat Skateboards And Footwear

Mark Suciu
With switch frontside hurricanes like this, it’s no wonder Suciu’s fully hooked up.

Words by Kevin Duffel, photo by Dave Chami

Well the cat’s certainly out of the bag now: with a surprise full part in Origin, Northern California’s Internet wunderkind Mark Suciu is officially riding for Habitat skateboards and footwear. But the surprise wasn’t just for the audience–Mark was equally taken aback at the offer to be in the video and become a legitimate part of the team.

This was basically your first video part right?

How old are you?
I’m 18.

Who were you getting hooked up by before Habitat came knockin?
I was getting hooked up by Alien and then preceding that, Powell for like three years.

So how did Habitat come about? Did fellow San Jose local Daryl Angel hook that up at all?
Well honestly, I don’t think it was Daryl. I had been riding for Alien for about three months and the [Alien] team manager hit me up saying, “Would you be down to ride for Habitat?” And at the same time, Brennan Conroy, the Habitat team manager, was hitting me up in an email as well and asked me to ride for Habitat. So I said, “Yeah for sure.”

Are you happy with the way your part came out?
Yeah, I’m psyched for sure. There were definitely a couple tricks that didn’t make it in there, but Habitat has a certain eye and they made it look the way they wanted it to. But however they want it works.

Did you pick out the song and lend a hand in the editing process, or how did that work out?
No, they edited it all for me. They got it done in pretty much three hours I think. Just a couple weeks before the premiere–before the due date–they asked me to ride for Habitat [Footwear], and once I said yes for the shoes, they were like, “All right cool, we’re going to give you a part in the video.” I think at that point it was like twelve hours before the master copy had to be made, so it was basically done in the middle of the night.

So you had no idea you were going to have a full part and be introduced that way?
Yeah, two or three weeks before, I was like, “Wait, you guys really want me to have a part? Dang. That’s tight.”

How is it being on a team alongside everyone on Habitat? Do you feel a lot of pressure because you’re the new young guy?
Yeah for sure I’m feeling some pressure, but it’s really fun. Thinking about it all is a little stressful, like, “Damn dude, Stefan, Silas, all these crazy names.” But skating with them–they’re all so humble–that it doesn’t feel like you’re skating with those guys.

Did anyone on the team see the Youtube videos or read about you on the message boards like how a lot of kids out there found out about you before you really came up?
Maybe. They never really told me about that, but they always make fun of me for being so well known on Youtube.

Do you think you would’ve gotten on Habitat fully if not for the shoes?
I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it would’ve taken a little bit longer. I’m not sure they would have put my part in the video.

You said in your Check Out that you couldn’t do switch frontside heelflips. Was learning that one a requirement for getting on Habitat?
Dude, I can do that one but it never feels right. I filmed one and hopefully it’ll get used for the Bones video. It’s over a little flat gap.

What was your favorite experience filming for Origin? Did you get to go on any trips?
No I actually haven’t been on a trip with them yet. I was filming with my buddy Miguel and I guess we just filmed so much stuff that they were like, “You have enough stuff for the video. We’ll put you in here.”

Did you at least get to go to all the premieres?
No, I just went to a couple. I went to the two in Long Beach and then one at CCS [in Santa Monica]. We saw Pierce Brosnan, the old James Bond.

Wait, like actually at the premiere, or just cruising around town?
He was there with his son. It was an autograph signing and we were asking him for his autograph.

Oh awesome. All those Youtubers were probably psyched. They could actually get your physical autograph instead of just a comment back.
I didn’t see any of those guys there. They didn’t tell me they liked my “Mark Suciu Flip Tricks” [laughs].

How’d you feel about the over all response to your part? Did people have good things to say and all that?
It was awesome. I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to see the [premiere] at my home skateshop. I heard that was a really good turn out. But down here in Long Beach it was really sick. It seemed like a lot of people liked the entire video in general and I got a couple little cheers for my part too.

So what’s lined up next for you?
The Bones video’s gonna drop pretty soon. I submitted like fifty tricks for those guys, but I think they’re only gonna use about five so leftovers should be coming. Also, shout out to Atlas Skate Shop.