newsHIT Interview: Matt Mumford Joins Supra

newshit-mumford_marquee1Words by Kevin Duffel, portrait by Skin Phillips

While Matt Mumford's recent addition to the Supra Footwear crew might seem like a strange move on the surface, it really is quite fitting; after all, he spent a couple years alongside Jim Greco and Erik Ellington riding for Zero. Regardless, the news still elicited a fair amount of confusion from skaters far and low. So when the word was official that Mumford was reunited with the Misled Youth of his past, I was quick to call him up and get the run-down.

What happened over at Adio? How long were you on there for? One minute you were on, one minute off.
I was there all of about eight months. Ed Dominick brought me over there and I've known Ed for ages. He had everything to do with me coming over, and then for whatever reasons, Ed got let go and I kind of followed suit in a sense. To be quite honest, they let Ed go, and I was stuck in Australia for three months with my Visa stuff, and then they changed management and decided they no longer needed me. So that's sort of how it went. It was all pretty quick, but to be quite honest, it worked out for the best because now I'm at Supra. I'm so stoked.

How'd Supra come about? This one will probably come out of left field for some kids who haven't seen Misled Youth.
Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people didn't really see it coming. I don't know, the Adio thing was done and then I was talking with Erik [Ellington] one day and Erik said, "I'll talk to the Supra guys for you," and I didn't really think much of it. But then he came back to me and was like, "Yeah dude, everyone is super into it. Let's try to figure this out." I started meeting with them, and next thing I know, I was on.

How is it being back on a team with old pals Greco and Ellington?
Yeah, it's awesome, man. Obviously we have a lot of history—me, Ellington, and Greco—just with Zero and stuff. I was hanging out with the two of them just the other day and it was just like old times—it was cool. I'm definitely stoked to be back on a team with those guys. It's definitely a good fit.

Are we going to see you shreddin' bowls in Sky Tops?
[Laughs.] Yeah, actually I read a couple comments on the Internet about me wearing Sky Tops [laughs]. Yeah, hey, I can wear the Sky Tops—nothin' wrong with that.

Do you have a signature shoe in the works?
Yeah, we're talking about it. I'll have some color-ways coming out and then hopefully in the future I'll have a shoe. Yeah, we'll be working on it.

You could maybe just cut the Sky Tops in half in the meantime…
[Laughs.] Yeah, I could maybe do a lower version of the Sky Top or something.

You're pretty much the only tranny dude on Supra. Are you going to be dragging those guys to gnarly Oregon parks on trips?
[Laughs.] I don't know. I still skate street, but I obviously have been spending a hell of a lot more time skating park, but I think being on tour with those guys is gonna be awesome, and it will probably get me skating street a little bit more. But I'll definitely be trying to drag the guys to the park any chance I get. That's for sure.

Being on Slave over at Black Box and dealing with Jamie Thomas and now being on Supra, you're pretty much reunited with the whole Misled Youth crew. Is there something about that era that just brings you back to it?
That was probably the most important period of time within my career—just those days and filming for those videos and that whole crew. It was kind of a short-lived sort of a thing I guess when I look back at it. I'm sure those guys—Greco and Ellington—would say the same thing. It was a pretty important period of time for all of us and this does sort of does bring back some memories, being involved with these guys again and I'm super stoked to be involved with what they've got going on.