pudwillTorey Pudwill’s old. Or, that’s what his Myspace says. If 24 is old. Which means a lot of people I know are dinosaurs. He’s actually 19, though, and good enough to be on Plan B. And be in Hallelujah. I’m not too old to understand that. So, we caught up with him about all the changes.

You just got on Plan B, huh?
Yeah dude, it was a pretty serious decision. It was hard for me to make, but I just saw an opportunity there, so I took it.

How did everything with Almost end?
Almost was sick. I had so many opportunities with them and so much potential. It was great riding for them. Everyone on the team was my friend, so it made it that much harder for me to leave, you know? But, everyone took it well.

You felt like it was the best decision for your skating?
Yeah. It just sucked, because Daewon [Song] helped me out, especially the past three years—even before that—backing me with DVS. Our friendship grew so much, so it was really hard to make that call to him out of the blue. But, he understood. He just wanted to make sure that I was taken care of. I'll always be there for Daewon. We'll always be friends.

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Is it kind of a big change to be on a team with guys like P-Rod and Sheckler?
Yeah, I've known Paul growing up skating around the Valley. We used to skate and chill when we were younger and that's what made it so appealing. I mean, when Paul asked me to skate for them, it was pretty cool to know he wanted me on the squad… same with all the other guys, like Sheckler and Colin McKay. It was still a big move. I had to think about it a lot. But, in the end, I did what made sense to me.

It's crazy to think of the arc of your career now. I mean, you were on Shorty's and then on Alien Workshop flow, right?
Yeah, for at least a year.

Was that when you went to Almost?
After Alien, I floated around, getting boards from Chocolate for a couple months and then Daewon hit me up. He hit me up before that, around the time I left Shorty's, but I had something lined up with Alien, so I wanted to stay loyal—not hop around. It didn't work out the way I saw it in my head though. When I got on Almost, a lot blew up for me. It put a lot of focus on me, and that's what Daewon wanted for me. Now, it just got to that point where I had to spread my own wings.

So, what's the next thing on your plate?
Just build myself into that family and build my friendship with Colin McKay, Danny Way and the rest of the team. Then, that video's gonna come out probably next year some time—I'm not certain when.

They're doing a promo thing, right?
I'm pretty sure. I'm not really positive. I heard they are.

Forgot you just got on.
[Laughs] Yeah. For now, I've just been focusing on the TransWorld video [Hallelujah].

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Some of your Almost footage might go to Hallelujah, right?
Um, yeah, some of it. Then, the rest of it is kind of getting old. But, nothing's gonna go to waste at all. I'm stoked. This is kind of my first video part where I've actually gone out and tried to film with deadlines and everything. I'm pumped. I got hurt filming, but that made me even more psyched, because I was like, "I gotta get better, dude," and had a whole regimen… like, "I gotta practice for Tampa and then go straight back to the TransWorld video again." That's the program I'm on. Then, I'm going straight into the Plan B video.

I heard you were more than happy to focus on Hallelujah, because you didn’t have to travel a whole bunch.

You don't like to get out of the Valley anymore?
I did when I was younger, but now I just wanna kick it—be an old man and sit on my couch. Be a grandpa.

It gets like that, like "I could go out right now, or drink a beer on my couch."
Really, I still like going new places, but not the same ones over and over, you know? Filming in LA's been great.

It’s funny you don’t want to travel very much, because I got your age wrong recently in last issue’s Home Page—made you older than you are. Maybe I mistook your desire to stay home with being older. Sorry about that.
[Laughs] Oh no, it's all good. I wasn't mad or anything. It's just that it's happened before with the Maloof contest and some other stuff. Maloof put it on three different TV stations—just off  my Myspace profile. The age on there says I’m 24.

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I got it off your profile with the intention of double-checking it and then got distracted by everything else I was working on. Blowing it.
[Laughs] I thought it was pretty funny. It's funny, because it's not just the Myspace. Everyone thinks I'm a lot older than I am. But, I’m only 19.

It just feels like you’ve been around forever—back into the shorty’s days even. It's like you're seasoned in years, but should be a rookie based on your age.
I don't want to sound like "I've been here all along!" or nothin', but I see dudes coming up and I'm like, "Where did these guys come from?" Just living here, I've been through the struggle and been around for a while. Dudes pop up and I wonder where they were seven years ago. Like, "Why didn't I see them skating around LA?" It’s cool, but it’s just funny because I guess I feel like I’ve been around forever, too [laughs].

Seasoned and young… might be two reasons you made it onto Plan B.
Yeah… I guess so.

See Torey’s Plan B welcome vid here.