When word came around that Zered Bassett was no longer with Zoo York we can agree that we all tripped out collectively. Since then, we've been waiting patiently to see which boards he'd be rolling on next. While we continually refreshed our web windows and scoured every new issue, without any news, things were slowly lining up. When someone joins a team, it doesn't necessarily happen over night, it happens naturally. These conversations can’t be rushed, they take time. After hearing about Dr. Z  joining Expedition-One today, we hit him up to find out a little more about this organic process.

Words by Luke Callahan

How long has it been since you've parted with Zoo?
That was the beginning of this year. Eight months maybe, nine months.

What have you been doing for boards since then?
I've gotten some boards from some people who’ve sent me some stuff. I rode some shop boards, I had some Krooked boards I was skating. Then I had the UXA board too. I had the guest board, I had a bunch of those. I was skating a little bit of everything.

What was the connection with the Expedition hook-up? There are a few other fellow east coasters on there. Was that a big part of the deal for you?
Yeah, pretty much. I was talking with Troy [Morgan] a while ago, and we were just talking. Then I started talking to some of the dudes on the team. I skate a lot with Joey Pepper, we live pretty close to each other. We'd be talking about it. He was just like "You know everybody's psyched…" It just made a lot of sense to me. Joey [Pepper], [Ryan] Gallant… I was on a team with [Matt] Miller before, I've been on a team with Kenny Hoyle. I know all those dudes and I have a lot of respect for them. It seemed like a no brainer, it felt pretty natural.

How long had this been in the works for?
We've been talking on and off for a couple months. I say around three months or so. It wasn't really rushed. It started as a conversation, we kept talking about it, and it just kind of happened. It made a lot of sense, everyone was psyched so it worked out. I'm super hyped.

Is there anyone on the team that you haven't had a chance to skate with that you're looking forward to getting out with?
I pretty much skated with all the dudes except for the Brunner twins. I don't think I've skated with them. That'll be rad. I'm just psyched on all those dudes.

Can we look forward to a welcome part in the near future?
Yeah, I'm sure. I’ve got some footage hanging out for something like that. I'm sure we'll have a clip coming out.

While you’re waiting for the welcome clip, revisit Zered’s Quartersnacks re-edit. For even more recent Dr. Z footage, be sure to check his insane tricks in RB Umaili’s part in The Cinematographer Project.