Nick Garcia Raw Footage Part And Re-Edit Contest

Our recent Am Issue cover boy, Nick Garcia, has been steady crushing it this past year. He came correct with over 11 minutes of raw footy--11 MINUTES!--that then went to both his web part and Element Future Nature closer (watch both right this very instant if you haven’t seen ’em yet! They’re bonkers!). To celebrate Nick’s overall epicness and first cover, we’re holding a sweet little contest. Do yourselves a favor, watch the raw footy part below, and scroll on down for info on how to come up on a mound of free etnies and Element gear.


1. Click on over to:

2. Click on “Download” underneath the video and then download the original .MOV file.

3. Re-edit your footage in whatever program you want, upload the file to Youtube or Vimeo. List “Nick Garcia TWS Raw Footy Contest” and your name in the subject line. Keep all entries limited to five minutes max in length. If you need some inspiration, watch both his web part and Element Future Nature closer for ideas.

4. Email your video links to by 12 noon PST, Sunday, July 15 to be considered. Our own filmer Chris Thiessen will sift through the entries, pick his favorite edit, and announce the winner Friday, July 20. GET SOME!